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12:43:58 AM

Ed has already posted some bullet items from the presentation by Kevin Cavanaugh Penny Scharfman. Here are my impressions:

  • 64 bit support... will beta when Hannover ships. 32 bit lives on. Kevin expects big performance gains. This means they are doing it right, which is good, but if E12 ships substantially before IBM ships 64 bit support there will be a very interesting marketing war between the "We go to 64 and they don't" side and the "We still support 32 and they don't side".

  • A Lotus blog template,and a generic feed-builder database will be shipped. Might I suggest that the members of the Domino blog community should be given priority to serve as early beta testers?

  • All Notes appas will run in Hannover. All Notes apps will run in Hannover. All Notes apps will run in Hannover. All Notes apps will run in Hannover. We get it, but keep repeating. It would be incredibly cool to show a Notes 1 app running in Hannover.

  • Improving look and functionality of Contacts is a major goal. No mention of eliminating the need to synch for DWA.

  • SameTime 7.5 is built on the Eclipse plugin model. Very cool.

  • There was something about ODF productivity editors. It went by quickly and I didn't hear the details because of some rather rude people sitting near me. Is it my imagination, or has this been an increasing problem in recent years at this conference? I'm not talking about banging on laptop keyboards, by the way. I'm not talking about the odd whispered comment, either. I'm talking about protracted conversations. Anyhow, since I missed the opening session I'm still in the dark about whatever this might be referring to.

  • Kevin showed Hannover on Windows, and he made a point of also showing it on the Mac. He talked about (I don't recall him showing, but perhaps he did) the Linux plugin for 7.01. He didn't show Hannover on Linux, and on the way out of the room I did hear someone wondering if there was some message in that.

  • Message recall... IBM finally, and inevitably, gives in to what a lot of people think they want. It's about time, but it's a shame.

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1. Rod Stauffer01/24/2006 09:22:56 AM

re: the productivity editors, I know they mentioned that they'll work stand-alone (in addition to seamlessly opening apps in the browser). Just can't remember where/when that was it may or may not correlate with the rude conversationalists drowning out the speaker.

BTW, a colleague of mine has become quite frustrated with the extended conversations some people are engaging in during sessions. I'd agree, the problem has become worse...


PS. Hannover will run Notes apps.

2. Richard Schwartz01/24/2006 11:04:10 AM

Thanks, Rod. And especially thanks for clarifying that last part

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