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08:31:49 AM

I went in the wrong door at the Dolphin's Pacific Hall. Why? Because it was open and Security Guardette A was standing there and she didn't stop me. And it was the closest open door to the Yacht Club, which is where I'm staying.

Security Guardette B descended on me quickly. "You must go back. You came in the wrong door. You have to go back out the door and come in the right door."

"Don't be ridiculous," said I. "I have the right badge. Check it and let me through."

A brief disagreement ensued, culminating in Security Guardette A telling Security Guard B something like "He's good. I saw his badge." Security Guardette A proceeded to display an expression that said "But... But... But... You're not supposed to check badges at that door. The order of my little world is upset by this. I don't know what to do." And while she was still trying to process this, I slipped away and went in for breakfast.

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