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11:13:28 AM

Pooter and an IBMer named Robert Yates did the INV401 session yesterday covering "Collaborative Application Models with Emergent Technologies" covering a lot of what IBM is doing to keep up with -- and beyond that, to influence -- emerging technologies. There is definitely a lot going on, and IBM's resources are huge. I wish they got a little more recognition for the work they do in this area, but that's another story.

There were a couple of things that I heard but didn't completely absorb during the session, which I'll just list here for future reference.

  • Thunderbird is a "fully supportable"client for Domino. OK.. what does that mean? Anything beyond the obvious?

  • hCards are vCards using HTML and divs (or was it spans) for semantic tagging. Cool, but why would you do that instead of using XHTML with some tags that aren't overloaded, or by using XML and a transform to create HTML

I didn't have a chance to talk to Pooter afterward, so I'll have to catch up with him later in the week.

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