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Libby, Rocky, Ed, Volker, Declan, Jack, and Chris are on the CS104 panel. (Will update with links later.) The first thing Libby did was poll the audience. There are a few newbies, a decent number of lurkers, and many bloggers in the room. That's just judging by volume, though. I'm in the front row (the better to heckle!), and can't see the actual number in the room. Libby is moderating.

What makes someone a "Notes Blogger"? Rocky: "That's why my blog is called LotusGeek. I am a LotusGeek".

Do you have to use Domino, or talk about Notes to be a Notes blogger? Vowe: "A Notes blogger is someone who blogs about Notes. You don't have to use Notes." Declan: "I think that most people here do like to see NSF in the URL".

Why do you blog? Vowe: "I did not plan to be a blogger, and I still don't consider myself to be one." At first, it was just "an interesting toy", but he found it to be a useful alternative to sending emails containing interesting URLs to friends. Rocky: "I bought the domain years ago, before blogging was around. I started doing it to expand my knowledge, and everyone who knows me knows I like to talk. I do want to keep my name out there, though now that I'm back at IBM, I'm not trying to sell my self for business." Ed: "I've hit this inflection point where there are more IBMers who know me as a blogger than by my day job as sales leader for a product with double-digit growth." .

Have any of you considered keeping a personal versus professional blog separately? Declan: "I've found it quite difficult to maintain two separate blogs at the same time." Ed: "I started a web log on at the same time I started, and the personal blog was all over the place, while the Lotus blog was limited with no response capability." Vowe: "I think you have to polarize your audience sometime. The trick of differentiating between a private site and a professional site doesn't work, because Google doesn't differentiate.

I can't keep up with the quoting, so now I'm switching to summarizing...

On to the topic of risks, and blogging guidelines; Chris mentioned a forthcoming book called "Blog Rules" that sounds intriguing. Ed mentioned that IBM's guidelines were written by bloggers, and are derived from their general corporate conduct guidelines, which boil down to "do the right thing". There are now more than 1000 public IBM bloggers, up from 100 before guidelines are public, so the guidelines are actually more liberating than constraining.

Declan gave a nod to Mike Golding and Jake Howlett as the creators of the Domino blogging community.

On the topic of podcasting, Julian came up to the stage to talk about TakingNotes, and Declan mentioned that Declan mentioned that both Blogsphere and DominoBlog now support blogspodcasts. Ed is a contrarian on podcasting, and doesn't think that it's right for his audience. Vowe mentioned that not everyone who is a good writer is a good podcaster, and vice versa. (Personal note: I had a lot of experience in college radio. Why am I not podcasting?)

I rasied the gender issue. Of the 70-plus bloggers here at Lotusphere, only 6 are women. Rocky answered along the lines of traditional gender roles, and Vowe mentioned that he perceives that the situation is quite different amongst German bloggers, where women are well represented. Chris pointed out that it may be a generational thing, that will correct itself only when today's kids grow into adult bloggers.

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1. Declan lynch01/24/2006 04:23:55 PM

Blogsphere & DominoBlog support PodCasting... They have always supported blogs

Now your going to have to edit your blog... Stand by your mistakes.

2. Richard Schwartz01/24/2006 05:07:01 PM


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