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04:28:00 PM

Following yesterday's invitation, I've had inquiries from four people who want to contribute content to Yellow Is The New Black. It occurs to me that it would be a good idea to go public with the ground rules that I am setting up for this group blog, so that everyone knows what's what. So here they are.

  • Rule number one is that the host can change the ground rules, but he expects to be pretty fair and even-handed about things.

  • Rule number two is that the site is intended to be an unabashedly pro-IBM and Lotus site but that we'll take some pains to be as objective as possible. We will avoid ad hominems, but we won't pull punches.

  • Rule number three is that is not intended to be a place for highly technical posts. (I might start another group blog for that, but one thing at a time...) The site will cover the collaboration market, IBM's products and their positioning versus competitors, FUD and misinformation spread by competitors, the trade press and others, benefits customers get from IBM products, etc.

  • Rule number four is that I'll mostly avoid editing posts by guest contributors for content unless there are libel or other liability issues, but that I'll reserve the right to edit for spelling, grammar, and style on occasion. And if I screw up, do let me know!

  • Rule number five is that although I have not put google ads or any other revenue-generator on the site, I might in the future -- and if it gets so wildly popular that I'm rolling in money I'll certainly figure out a way to share it -- but I seriously doubt that will happen. My experience with google ad revenue so far hasn't covered hosting costs.

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1. Jefff09/21/2017 06:46:49 AM

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