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09:42:00 PM

The subjects of diversity, subjectclosed-circuit, insularity, passion, family, and community have been coming up a lot lately. At the same time, the work I've been doing with the Lotusphere feed and the OPML agent have given me occasion to look at my blogroll a bit.

I've got more than 180 "Domino bloggers" listed in my blogroll. Some are inactive but it's still a pretty sizeable bunch... and no, I don't read every post. (Are you crazy??!) I also have about ten IBMers and/or former Lotus employees who I consider to be whole-hearted Lotus fans listed, and add to that the seven guest bloggers I've just recruited for Yellow Is The New Black. I'm sure that some of you have other Domino bloggers and Lotus fans that I don't know about (or whom I know about but rarely get around to reading) on your blogrolls or in your blog readers, so it's probably fair to say that the Lotus blogging community consists of close to, or even over, 200 people.

I also have eight Microsoft employee blogs on my list -- and I'm not counting Scoble because I deactivated his feed quite some time ago because I just couldn't keep up. I'm sure that a lot of you subscribe to at least some of the same ones that I do: Ray, Gary, Bob, Peter for example, but how many of you subscribe to Kevin Schofield? (He's a friend from before I had anything to do with Lotus or he had anything to do with Microsoft, but he still counts!) I also have on my list about half a dozen blogs from people who work for startup companies with products in the collaboration market in my blogroll -- and about the same number of analysts or columnists who at least occasionally cover the the collaboration market. I have to confess: I probably pay a bit more attention to each of the blogs in this smaller group on a day-by-day basis than I do for all but a few of the Domino bloggers. All told, I'd say somewhere around 15% of my collaboration blogger attention goes outside of the Domino blogging community. And I know that a number of these people -- not all -- are at least semi-regular readers of my blog, too.

Is 15% enough to say that I'm not part of an insular community? Yes, it is -- provided that I'm not the only one directing some of my attention outward. If just 25% of the roughly 200 members of the Domino blogging community are directing 15% of their attention in the collaboration space to non-members of the Domino commnity, and if we're not all reading the same few Microsoft blogs, startup collaboration company blogs, analyst blogs and columnist blogs, then I think we can be pretty confident that our community really isn't closed in on itself. My full blogroll is here, but it's not organized into as fine a set of categories as I've broken things down into here. Perhpas I'll go ahead and do that.

I'm wondering, though: who do you read? Specifically, who in the collaboration, world, whether at Microsoft, other IBM Lotus competitors, in the analyst world or in the press, do you read regularly?

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1. Kevin Schofield02/07/2006 12:26:09 AM

Good to know I still count cheers

2. Richard Schwartz02/07/2006 12:57:41 AM

And I should mention... Kevin, who helped write a really cool and cutting-edge email system before he even worked for Microsoft, blogs from the perspective of a Microsoft old-timer, from back in the days when the rivalry between Lotus and Microsoft was all about 1-2-3 vs. Excel, and email and collaboration were in their infancy. He covers interesting things that Microsoft Research is doing, general stuff about Microsoft, and a variety of other topics.

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