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06:55:48 AM

My brand new ThinkPad arrived yesterday. I've had Apple, Gateway and Dell laptops. It's my first ThinkPad. It's clearly a very nice machine, but my expectations are very high and it's already got one strike against it. Fortunately it didn't take me long to figure out and fix the problem. Unfortunately, IBM shipped a ThinkPad with a known driver defect two months after the fix was available, and IBM's ThinkVantage software didn't do enough to convince me that an ordinary user would have been able to fix the problem without a support call.

The machine seemed to be running fine through basic installation, creation of a recovery disks and a base-level backup, and then more software installation, and even more software installation. When I shut the lid at one point, though, I got a blue screen of death with a reference to an infinite loop in the ATI2DVAG driver. When the same thing happened a second time, I figured it was time to do some searching. Amongst the things provided on the ThinkPad was a nice icon labeled "Access IBM", and after a few clicks I found my way to the Device Drivers and Software Downloads page, from which I found my way to the latest version of the ATI video driver, dated 5 December 2005, which contained this little notice:

(Important) (ThinkPad T43/T43p/R52) If the version of display driver is installed, blue screen error happens after resuming normal operation from standby mode.

After downloading the new driver, unpacking, and then installing it, the problem appears to be solved. This is good.

Why, though, didn't anything about this error appear in the "Access IBM Message Center", which I had already checked several times before even noticing the error? Better yet, why didn't the new driver get downloaded automatically when, very early in the installation process, the machine did seem like it was contacting an IBM server to look for software updates? Given that the drivers installed on the machine date back to last August, so presumably this problem has been known for quite some time and the fix has been available since December, I think that's a minimum reasonable expectation. If the software isn't up to that task and if machines shipped two months after a known defect is fixed can't ship with an updated image, then certainly a "read me first" slip of paper in the box was called for. I'd even expect that from Dell and Gateway.

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1. Bruce Perry02/22/2006 02:48:39 PM

I just ran a quick test. My T43, bought in mid-June, does not have this problem.

2. Richard Schwartz02/22/2006 04:04:22 PM

What's the date on your drivers?

3. Bruce Perry02/22/2006 05:57:08 PM

version = for the ATI Mobility Radeon X300

Given the difference in version numbers, it seems we may have different graphics cards.

4. Ben03/05/2006 04:44:56 PM

I have the same error but mine happens whenever I try to play any 3d games...the problem exists with the new driver as well.

5. John03/13/2006 08:09:27 PM

Thanks - the recommended fix worked like a charm and saved me a lot of time. Updated Driver was the trick

6. Alan03/31/2006 02:28:22 PM

Ben, I may have found a solution to your problem.

I had the same problem with my Thinkpad T43p which has an ATI MOBILITY FireGL 3200 graphics card. It would lock up (black screen or blue screen) when playing some of my favorite 3D games like Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, or Savage.

I was hesitant about downloading the latest graphics driver from the Lenovo site because I found the same message Richard referred to in his main topic: "If the version of display driver is installed, blue screen error happens after resuming normal operation from standby mode."

If I am reading that message right, it sounds like that latest version causes another blue screen problem for T43p's - something I certainly didn't want.

What I discovered almost by accident was that I didn't bluescreen while playing 3D games while running on battery power.

So, I went into Power Manager (Start-Control Panel-Power Options-Power Manager Tab) and set my power scheme to "Maximum Battery Life". This scheme sets the power settings for AC Power to be the same as the settings for Battery Power.

Since then, I have been able to play my 3D games on the Thinkpad while either plugged in or running on battery with hardly any problems. I still get the occasional blue screen, but now it is hours instead of minutes between crashes.

I suspect the specific power setting that is causing the crash is the CPU speed. I am experimenting with creating a new power that will run the CPU at the "Low" or "Lowest" setting while plugged into AC but not go into hibernate after 5 minutes of inactivity.

7. -T-04/24/2006 08:19:25 AM

I have the same problem with my T43P with FireGL v3200, i have tried to totaly reinstall Windows XP, still bluescreen. I tried to install Omega drivers to see if that will work. But i start to wonder if the computer have a HW-problem or ATI need to upgrade their drivers or Lenovo needs to lookinto the firmware of the computer, BIOS. Please if u have some questions for me or want to discuss this problem, please mail me to

8. C07/07/2006 07:31:33 PM

The new driver fixed this problem on my wife's brand new T43 with Radeon X300. It kills me that the quality control is so bad that out of the box the computer won't wake up after closing the lid without the blue screen of death and that it took multiple google searches to find the solution. This seems like a fairly fundamental thing to have work on a laptop. Beautiful computer though.

Hate to say it but this is why I use M*cs.


9. jv02/05/2007 12:13:12 PM

I didn't read the whole thread, so forgive me if someone posted this already.... but I only get the blue screen when coming back from Standby mode so..

If you change the power settings from Standby to Hibernate, when you close the lid.. it seemed to work for me.

10. Bud03/27/2007 01:36:54 PM

My daughter bought a ThinkPad for college. Is back at Levano for repair for the forth time. Same problem each time. Blue screen. Has to powerdown and reboot. Each time returned comes back with same problem. Last time they said it has water damage. Never had a spill. Think it's time to replace it?

11. Carl07/16/2009 10:44:14 AM

I still get the BSOD when playing 3D games, neer managed to find a fix for this problem, tried Power Settings, tried all drivers, I suspect its a hardware problem related to the GPU, if someone knows of a solution please post it, I cant take my t43 back as its out of warranty by now and I have lived with this problem for 3 years. I will never buy a computer with a ATI card in it again, got a T500 now with an Intel graphics card, had it for 6 months, Havent had a single BSOD on it.

12. matt11/28/2009 01:00:28 PM
Homepage: http://none

Same prob as everyone above.

I once had this fixed by simply using the best generic windows drivers (that come with the OS). Then I had to do a repair from xp cd and i cant seem to get back to where I was. (but I know it can run perfect using this xp generic vga.inf or vga.sys).

Good luck to all. Me working it now and will find it. Day 3.


13. Matt11/28/2009 02:48:28 PM
Homepage: http://none

Here is what worked for me. After working on it off and on for many days. (i have a few thinkpads so I was able to work while fixing this one). However this is my may laptop with all data so I had to fix it.

Hope this helps anyone with the same prob.

I have a T43p 2668-CE6

Downloaded old drver, new driver etc. Tried everything. Same infinite loop problem as anyone. (like I said I had it working before using a generic built in windows driver with a little screen painting).

bottom line here is the fix (and then I will tell you waht i tried that didn't work):

My T43p has the ATI Fire v3200 with infinite loop issue. Believe me, I spent many, many hours. Probably 20 hrs. Anyway, here is the fix. (and this may even work if you leave the Fire v3200 driver installed, new or old).

You MUST go into the advanced property setting where you have the GENERAL,ADAPTER,MONITOR,TROUBLESHOOT (tabs).

Click on the Troubleshoot tab. uncheck enable write combining and lower your Hardware Acceleration down 3 notches at least.

Then check mark it back. That should do it.

If it doesn't work, then one other thing I had to do was go in and update my video card manually. Device Manager, update driver, then choose Don't Install i will choose driver. Then uncheck where it says compatible drivers. That will show you all ATI adapters that exist in SP2 native or SP3 (xp service packs, which by the way SP3 doest NOT fix this prob). Anyway, once you are showing them all, I chose ATI RAGE Mobility (IBM) (note there is dell, hp, compaq, etc to choose from). So I updated my driver to this driver (its compatible enough). more so than the other BROKEN ATI driver. (which in my opinion, ATI is simply irresponsible with thier products, always have been, and have always written sub-par drivers that may or may not work),,,,,I'm a big linux guy and ATI works fine with the Linux drivers others write to make the hardware work) This is a windows thing, being stuck with a bad ati driver). Anyway, i digress. Back to what fixed mine.

So I have loaded the above driver (ignore the yellow !). Reboot and when it starts up, do the above hardware decelleratoin under troubleshoot in advanced. Turn it down 2 clicks.

This might work for the V3200 but I don't have time to go test it.

This WONT work for gamers (most likely). You need all this at FULL output. I never will. I just use word, and remote into machines through many ways, to work on them.

Hope this helps someone. I search in vane forever for a solution. Wasted a lot of time. Would have swapped computer and said to heck with it but this one I need for many reasons (that we have do, the programs you have loaded).


Things that didn't work:

Omega Drivers (no work) (replacement to ati in win world, where someone rewrites ATI drivers)

SP3 (nope) (and can cause worse probs)

About 40 other things.

Hmmm. Big ones. I never could find my way back to using just the generic VGA drivers that come with XP. Thats how I have run for the past year, until I did a repair (because of other reasons).

Which by the way, pretty cool thing we found at work, that i would like to share.

When you use your windows xp pro cd to do a repair........NOTE: 2 repairs actually exist.

Here is the breakdown.

1. As you know you can overinstal on xp all the way. Prob, you loose your profile (keep data) but loose profile and program re-installs are a must.

2. You can use REPAIR (the one that comes up when you put the cd in and are questioned to reload or repar. NOW thiS ONE IS IMPORTANT, its the one we discovered about 5 months ago.

Will put this in number 3, sort of hard to explain

3. If you choose this First Repair (you will lose SOME, mabe not all, but SOME programs). (no data)


4. If you skip the REPAIR, and hit enter as if you are going to do a re-install over top itsself then here is where the unknown (for most people, trick is).


6. This has been heavily used by us after discovering. if you choose REPAIR on the second screen ITS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN THE FIRST REPAIR OPTION.

7. 1st repair screen, program can get messed up. But skipping it like you are doing a reload, and then using the last chance or 2nd repair.......LEAVES ALL PROGS, DATA ETC IN PLACE. ALL IT does is overwrite system files.

This is what caused me to have to re-figure out how to get the VGA running right. I had to do a second repair due to registry damage I caused through a test. Anyway, that second repair fixed my OS and Registry. All data and prog normal, and profile.

System files fixed. Then I found the solution above that has me typing write now without issue.

The way i found this was, during all the days of reading and trying stuff, (over like 6 days off and on). i had read ONE TIME, where either micro or ibm said to lower the write combining down. I had forgotten about this to try until i woke up this morning fresh.

I immediately when and reinstalled the ATI MOBILITY IBM driver and did this and its working.

if it stops working and I must find another fix i will post back here.

I am a big thinkpad fan, they have served me well, and I am ticked this one very bad choice of video cards could cause so many people to be in a mess.

Hope this helps. Me not perfect, or have all answers are even 100 percent sure about this fix (YET), need a few days, but I think its goingto work.

Good luck, if you know anything to share, please throw it out. i will try it myself, as my fix may be temporary, just don't know. (I give 85 percent odds that this is a permenant fix though).

Good luck again.


14. Matt11/28/2009 03:02:44 PM
Homepage: http://non

One more note.

To the post above. The second repair (doesn't delete data, should have clarified that, it leaves it alone, as it does your profile and progs).

2. Before you update driver, manually tell it to use the ATI Mobility Driver IBM version (that is in your windows cache drivers) i would try this fix using the V3200 driver.

3. What I remember is that it really mght work for you even using that driver 9te original one or the updated one) that puts you in the blue screen infinate loop).

4. You don't have to do a REPAIR at all, thats a seperate topic. I did this and it cause my default winsdow VG driver to go away. Thats one thing it does do. It leaves profile, progs and data, but it gets those system files and some driver because its new.

Bottom line. Try the lower hardware acceleration first with your current 3200.

If no work, then do the ATI MOBILITY (IBM) and to the lower hardware acceleration.

I am currently down 2 marks from full.

Also, (it could even be that my laptop is simply forcing and sitting on the use of this driver and sort of has it disabled without me seeing it, havent looked. But even if thats the case I don't care, its very good video either way.

If you need pictures, or need to email me about this because you are still broke from all this then post your email back here and I will privately email you back. (I just can't post my work enable on the net)


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