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05:11:18 PM

As regular readers know, I wrote a Domino-based RSS aggregator several years ago, and I use it as my primary blog reader. The code is very solid, but not configurable enough, so I've never released the code for use by anyone but myself. Somewhere along the line I added Atom, and early last year I added a web interface to enable viewing the feeds in a browser, and I added an outbound RSS feed that consolidated articles from multiple feeds within one "category", and I used this feature to offer single feeds for subscribing to stories by all the bloggers (that I knew about) at Lotusphere 2005 and 2006. This year I added OPML generation (as mentioned in this morning's article).

I heard that John Head wanted to bring up a consolidated feed for all the Show 'N Tell Thursday posts, and I offered to modify my code to suit his purposes. Really, what that amounts to is making the web UI configurable, switching to weekly buckets instead of 1, 2, 7 day and "All" buckets, and cleaning up a few additional rough spots. John accepted my offer and I've been working on it. John also wants a self-submission capability, although that doesn't necessarily have to be integrated directly into the code of my application.

Meanwhile, John Roling has the The Sickos site, and now (via Sean) Tim and Laurette Rynne have set up. John's site is a Blogsphere blog with a large blogroll and OPML. Tim and Laurette are using DomBulletin as a place for Domino Bloggers to post their information. They plan to do a lot more with it.

Here's my suggestion: let's tie this all together!

The work I'm doing to prep my bloggregator database for John and Show 'N Tell will finally bring it to the point where I can release it as an OpenNTF project. I know there's another RSS reader up there, but the more the merrier, right? Then, we can use it to pull the full feeds from all known Domino Blogs into one database and push out a consolidated feed, various categorized feeds, and we can also automatically generate OPML files. Tim and Laurette's modified DomBulletin can serve as the self-submission site. Someone checks the feeds and clicks a button to add them to the bloggregator, and with a little coding I can add a "New Bloggers" RSS feed to the database, too. All we need is a host (I don't have the bandwidth), and someone willing to do some database maintenance every now and then to make sure it doens't grow out of control. This way, not only do we have a place to find Domino Bloggers, but we have a place to browse their feeds, subscribe to topics, etc.

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1. Laurette Rynne02/22/2006 06:32:20 PM

Hi Rich,

Happy to "share the love". What we were hoping with is exactly what you said - a self-registration directory. We are definately NOT trying to do an aggregator, or even a blogroll. We want people to be able to put more information than just a name, so that people can differentiate blogs between content types (admin, dev, web, personal, etc), as well as by region (so people can learn who's near them!).

The RSS feeds we are thinking of creating are just "announcement" feeds if you will. Just an RSS of the directory so people can find out about new bloggers - not an RSS directly of the blogs. If your code can provide this - that's great. Anything to share the load.

Chris Miller is currently hosing However, we don't really expect this to be as much traffic or as large as an aggregator would be, so I'm not sure about hosting solutions for your application.

We are working on improving the interface for to allow for easier browsing (by name, by category etc), but as I said, if your work can quickly provide us with a way of generating these RSS feeds, and OPML's if people want them, and of linking into your aggregator, that sounds great.

As this conversation seems to be doing the rounds on the blogosphere, maybe we should drop back into old-fashioned email to co-ordinate efforts?

2. Richard Schwartz02/22/2006 07:09:55 PM

Rather than email, how about setting up a "Talk" area within your DominoBlogger database?

3. Laurette Rynne02/22/2006 07:37:18 PM

Great idea, I'll come up with something asap (standard work requirements will take up my time until I get home tonight unfortunately!).

I'll keep you posted.

4. Ben Langhinrichs02/22/2006 08:05:04 PM

I'd be happy to host it. I even have something started. I'll contact you off-line, as I have something I'd rather not share until tomorrow (which, almost coincidentally, happens to be a Thursday).

5. Greyhawk6802/22/2006 09:38:07 PM

Cool Ben, that would be great. So I think Laurette IS going to put a talk section over at so we can all discuss this too.

So at this point, I think we have the following players: (gleaned from discussions over at Phig's, here and sites)

* Rich has code to donate and the site
* John Head is helping with some of the aggregation code
* would be a blogroll/aggregator
* Ben would do some hosting (of I imagine?) and seems to have some secrets to share (code perhaps)
* John (Greyhawk) has the site
* would be a community news site (fighting fud, announcing new bloggers, throwing out topics to tackle)
* Laurette and Tim would have
* would be a self-registration directory and would feed the aggregator and OPML at

Now, I think this is all great, what we should continue to do is get feedback from the community and see what everyone wants, because maybe we can build it in somehow.

Looking forward to the rest of the discussion...


6. Stephan H. Wissel02/23/2006 09:56:45 PM

We are in the process to create I happily would host and/or replicate the database for this part of the world. It will take us a few weeks to move to a box with cheap enough bandwidth.

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