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VIa Peter de Haas a link to George Ou on ZDNet Busting the Myths of Email Outsourcing. It's particularly interesting in view of the conversations going on now in Ed Brill's and Gregg Eldred's blogs. The author of this article is focused on Exchange outsourcing, but all arguments apply to Domino as well.

Dion Hinchcliffe suggested that running an in-house Email system is the same as running your own in-house electric power plant.  Speaking as someone who actually builds Email servers, I'm going to have to bust some of these myths.


I don't know how anyone can even make this comparison in the first place.  An Email server is $5,000 while a Power Plant large enough to run a 100 person business probably costs $250,000 not including installation and diesel delivery.  Most businesses do run their own Email servers while extremely few businesses run their own in-house banking.  If anyone actually believes that these things somehow equate to each other, then you're a salesman's best friend and I'd like to sell you some ocean front property in Nevada.

I know there are outsourcers and outsource customers in the Domino blog community. I'd be interested in knowing your reactions to the article. I definitely favor insourcing myself in almost all cases. The one case where it does make complete sense to me to outsource, however, is a small to medium company where the vast majority of employees work in the field instead of in a company facility. In that case, the advantage of local bandwidth mostly disappears and the greater reliability of redundant bandwidth and 24x7 staffing wins out.

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1. Roberto Boccadoro02/23/2006 12:53:39 PM

I have quite a different opinion on this topic from most of the other people. I would not even think about money (which may show how naive I am) but I would focus on another point. Security (ok, my background hunts me, maybe). I would never write a mail with confidential info about my business if my mail system is outsourced to a "free" email system. I can save money in the short term, but there are risks that I consider unacceptable. Would anyone send a , say, service offering with economic details through such a system ? Maybe it will never happen, but there is the risk to find that someone else made the same proposal to the customer for 1$ less........ Outsourcing per se has nothing wrong, but I would do it with a company that uses a secure mail system (hint, hint ) and I would have a competent person check the setup with them, and also schedule regular checks. Would not like to find a ACL change all of a sudden, or a mail journaling appear overnight.

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