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08:22:00 AM

I thought I might want to try out the recently-announced CipherTrust reputation toolbar, so I downloaded it and checked it out. Encouragingly, one of the two PDFs that came with the download, TrustedSource Toolbar Lotus Admin Guide.pdf, contained detailed instructions covering three different ways of setting up the toolbar:

  • Using a modified 6.53 iNotes template provided by CipherTrust.

  • Using their template after merging your own customizations into it.

  • Using your own template after merging their design elements into it.

Given that I'm on ND7, the latter was the only choice. Unfortunately the instructions boil down to this:

Copy all of the design elements (except for the memo form and ($inbox) folder) listed in the “CipherTrust TrustedSource Toolbar for Lotus Notes v1.5 Template Changes.doc” to your custom template

I said "unfortunately" because the referenced CipherTrust TrustedSource Toolbar for Lotus Notes v1.5 Template Changes.doc is nowhere to be found. The words in the PDF are highlit as if they should be a hyperlink, but the link goes nowhere. I don't see any contact information for support, either in the downloaded documentation or on the CipherTrust site, so it's a no-go for now.

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1. Joel Caracciolo03/13/2006 02:24:33 PM

Actually the Template changes document and the Administrator's Guide are available on the Start Menu under CipherTrust\TrustedSource after running the installer. We are also added it to the web site next to the Administrator's guide so it will be in both places. Sorry for the confusion.

2. Richard Schwartz03/13/2006 03:36:45 PM

Ah, well that explains it! The admin guide was available in the zipped download directory; so it never occurred to me that another copy was going to placed somewhere by the installer, or to look for the missing .doc file elsewhere. The installer never said it was creating a program group on the Start Menu, or a directory of its own under Program Files.... all it asked about was where to put the template -- with the default being in Program Files\Lotus\Notes\Data, so I didn't get clued in there either.

Thanks for the quick clarification.

3. Joel Caracciolo03/13/2006 03:49:53 PM

Actually the installer does mention the program group on the second screen labeled "Important Information". The text reads as follows:
This program will install the custom Lotus Notes Template "CTinotes6_v1.5.ntf" into the folder you select. The default folder is <Program Files>\lotus\notes\data.

After installation there will be a program group on the start menu "CipherTrust\TrustedSource Toolbar for Lotus Notes". The program group will contain shortcuts to the Administrator's Guide and a document that lists all of the template changes.

4. Richard Schwartz03/13/2006 04:26:15 PM

I stand corrected. Who reads that stuff anyhow? Really, I'm used to being given the typical "Select a program group" type screen. Without it, it's pretty easy to miss it, especially when you're installing something that you know isn't an executable program.

5. Nathan T. Freeman03/14/2006 07:49:18 AM

I've done a version of the OpenNTF Mail Experience with these components merged in. Unfortunately, my testing fails completely when I try to "Report Good." My machine simply hangs with no error message. Can't debug, because the CipherTrust library is a compiled .LSS file.

Joel, any suggestions on a support path for this? I have some interest in releasing this on, although we can't do it if the .LSS file remains closed.

6. Joel Caracciolo03/14/2006 06:06:47 PM


Please send me an email at so we can discuss some options.

7. Chris Linfoot03/17/2006 06:22:15 AM

Rich. I installed this on my own DWA7 templated mailbox on D7.0.1 the hard way. No problem. So far I haven't found it very useful either, but its early days...

8. Joel Caracciolo03/17/2006 09:27:51 AM

I'm copying this response I posted on another blog to maybe answer some questions that haven't been asked yet and also to get some suggestions for a couple issues

The reputation can be set by either opening the message or selecting multiple messages and choosing get/refresh reputation from the CipherTrust button.

I didn't have the code run on receiving new mail because several administrators have concerns about server performance when agents use that trigger. I've considered a locally scheduled agent as a possible solution as well. I would love to have some suggestions for this issue.

Also, I've got a version that uses Java instead of the .NET component but I ran into a serious performance issue with the LS2J call. I may have just solved the performance issue and would then be able to have JARs in the template instead. This would eliminate the need for the .NET framework

Regarding the closed library, the issue with opening the library is it would expose/make changable the email address that reported messages are sent to and the benefit to CipherTrust is the data provided by the users. Perhaps we could find a solution to that issue.

9. dongdong811/17/2017 11:18:55 PM

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