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03:22:56 PM

We're still waiting for some details to be ironed out for the final hosting, but the power of Domino allows me move ahead with the Show 'n Tell Thursday aggregator site even while that's still pending. I can let you all access it on my server for the time being, and then I'll just replicate everything over when we have the hosting all set up.

So, have a look at the SnTT Aggregator applicaiton as it exists right now on my server. You'll notice that a few feeds have already been configured, but I'm going to ask you all to enter your own. Please click the link labeled "Submit your feed".


That link will take you to a form where you fill in your name and four URLs. The four URLs are (a) the URL that displays all your SNTT posts, (b) the home URL for your blog, (c) the URL for the feed that contains just your SnTT posts, and (d) the URL for your full feed. I think it's pretty self-explanatory, and I even include a link to a sample, but if you do have any questions about what you're supposed to fill in, just drop me a line.

By the way, please fill in the form even if you see that your name is in the drop-down box and/or your posts are already being pulled in to the aggregator. I entered several feeds for testing purposes, but in case I have incomplete information or any typos it would really help to have your submission.

You might wonder why I want four different URLs from you. Have a look at the layout of the entries in the aggregator.

Each entry contains five links. The "Read full article" link goes to the permalink of the article that the code pulled from your feed. In addition, your name is displayed as a link to the SnTT-specific index in your blog, the "rss" link right next to that goes to your SnTT-specific feed, and there are links to your blog home and to your full RSS feed.

If your blog doesn't support categories or anything else that allows you to provide an SnTT-specific feed, don't despair. As I explained last week, I'm going to work on adpating my code to pull in Technorati tag feeds without duplicating posts that are already coming in from direct feeds. I'm also probably going to add the capability to just manually post an entry.

Another thing I've been thinking about adding is tagging, which will be manual, through configuration for specific feeds, or through information that comes in per article in a feed. That way we can divide the SNTT posts into separate views and feeds for "Development", "Admin", "Sametime" and anything else that comes to mind. Before I do any of that, though, I'm going to do a little bit more polishing up of the code and (finally!) submit my bloggregator app to OpenNTF.

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1. Chris Linfoot03/17/2006 07:35:21 AM

Have submitted my feed. I see I am there twice - possibly submitted by you too? Could you please use the details I posted as they are subtly different (and correct ).

2. Richard Schwartz03/17/2006 08:36:53 AM

@Chris: Yes, I did configure your feed as one of my test cases. I've cut over to the correct feedburner URLs. That was indeed the point of asking for folks to submit even if they saw their names already.

3. Bruce Perry03/18/2006 10:05:41 AM

Hmm, I registered my feed, but I don't see my SnTT article from Thursday. Did I get the URLs wrong or has this just not been updated yet?



4. Richard Schwartz03/18/2006 11:21:40 AM

@Bruce: I had approved your feed, but didn't enable it. Plus, I have a "Sort Name" field that has to be manually filled in, and I forgot to put "Perry, Bruce" into it, and that crashed my script! Guess I should (a) put in code to set the Sort Name (which should work in most but not all cases), add a validation formula to check whether it is blank, and fix the script so it doesn't stop if the field is blank. And I should probably combine the approve and enable operations into one step

Anyhow, your article has been pulled in now.

5. Martin 'm3' Leyrer03/19/2006 07:53:36 AM


Nice application. Two suggestions though:

1) What about an additional language field? Maybe there are/will be SnTT entries in different languages (not everyone is fluent in english) and it would be nice to filter/sort them by language.

2) Web-Layout
I am running my Thinkpad on high resolution and later in the evening I am usally turning up the font-size in the browser to go easy on my eyes.
If you do a Ctrl-+ in Firefox to make the font bigger, the surrounding boxes won't grow accordingly, making everything unreadable. Would you PLEASE fix that?

6. Richard Schwartz03/19/2006 11:23:05 AM

@Martin: Good idea with the languages. I'll put that on the list for enhancements. Re the font-size/box-size issue... I'd also like to do that; but my CSS skills mostly consist of stealingcopying from other sites. If someone could give me a clue how to make the boxes scale with the text, or even point me to a site that has CSS I can look at and learn from, I'd be happy to make the appropriate changes.

7. Mark Dowling04/04/2006 02:32:20 PM

The aggregator going on OpenNTF would be fantastic - particularly with a view to hosting on Domino but viewing on Blackberry where it needs to be as clean as possible. Please don't let the new job get in the way of this

8. Richard Schwartz04/04/2006 05:00:06 PM

Thanks for reminding me about that Mark. I want to complete one piece of new functionality, and then submit it to OpenNTF.


9. Art For Coffee's Sake08/09/2006 03:54:12 PM

Thanks for letting me contribute.

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