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11:01:47 PM

The Power of The Schwartz salutes The Power of Lepofsky! Look at what Alan did!

Alan is a Notes developer, but that's not his job. Here's what he says his job is

... helping with product and marketing strategies, gathering intelligence about our competition ... keeping up with industry analysis, reading the latest market research, and hopefully working closely with my colleagues in business development.

He's not part of the engineering group in Westford that develops Notes and Domino, but he's got all the tools needed to add a custom feature to the product. It's not a utility that runs separately. It's the kind of customization that any of Notes and Domino customer can do with Domino Designer. It fits right into the standard user interface of the product.

Of course, this is no surprise to anyone who knows the power of Notes, but I have to wonder whether Redmond has anyone with a job description similar to Alan's who could just whip up a quick modification to the Outlook Address Book UI to generate links to Google Maps -- and create an installer for it!

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1. Greg Walrath05/05/2006 12:59:18 PM

I'm sure there are some people like that at MS, but more to the point: As an outlook user, I don't have the tools to do something like this, unless I want to take time out from my day to learn C++ or activex or .net or whatever they're calling it these days, figure out the Outlook 2003 API (which is different from the Oulook 2000 API which will be different from the Outlook 12 API) and hack something together that does something like this.

Only the .NET code might get all pissy because I'm linking to Google Maps and not MSN Maps.


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