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08:25:29 PM

Watching the American Idol finale, my ten year old daughter asked why Meatloaf was carrying a red handkerchief. I was cringing while listening to his attempted duet with Katherine McPhee, and I couldn't help myself. "Because he can't carry a tune any more, so he might as well carry a handkerchief," I said.

I gave her a straight answer after that. He's always carried it, because he perspires a lot... but I like my first answer better.

What has happened to Meatloaf? I was a big fan, and I still am. I bought Bat Out of Hell way, way before most people had heard of him. I was, in fact, "barely seventeen" at the time. I know he lost his voice in the 80s, but he got it back and managed to make a hit record in the 90s. Has he lost it again? Or was it just a bad night?

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1. Chris Whisonant05/24/2006 09:27:40 PM

About to go down and watch some Idol and saw your post. As you were younger then, I too was barely seventeen when his hit came out in the 90s!

I thought it was pretty good. Not sure what's up with him now, though. Going to find out I guess...

2. Ray "The Lion King" Bilyk05/25/2006 10:14:47 AM

I cringed when he started singing. I was also disappointed by his weight gain. I'm a casual fan of Mr. Loaf's music. He did not sound like himself. Just before the end of the song, I realized a couple of things... First, he's a lot older. Second (and probably more important for the sake of this thread), he's singing to her key, rather than singing to his own. I confirmed this with my niece, who has taken vocal lessons. I'm still hopeful that "Bat Out of Hell 3" will sound good when it comes out.

3. Richard Schwartz05/25/2006 10:45:57 AM

Well, "her key" has frequently been a problem for Katherine, too, so I don't blame MeatLoaf quite so much I guess.

Seriously, if she hadn't frequently chosen songs that went down into the low end of her range, she might have won. Her voice is weak, not very interesting, and not well controlled in the lower register.

4. tara sanders06/13/2006 11:07:08 PM

I just want to say 1 thing as a musician...Meatloaf has always been and remains a true gentleman. He was singing in a key to better suit Katherine! Unlike most other guest performers, it was all about her. He was the only guest who added a theatrical stage element and followed the performance by leading her hand in a bow. That performance was in my opinion the best of the season. I mean listen to Katherine and watch her emotion during the song. Watch the way he related to her. She has found her style. I was breathless. Anyone who sais Meatloaf is washed up or cant sing or has seen his day...quite frankly does not know anything about music.


5. Dana08/11/2006 03:15:34 PM

I live in Atlanta and saw Meatloaf for the first time in person at the Toms Riverfest in Jersey. HE IS AWESOME! Only those who truly understand and FEEL the depth of his music can appreciate him. I am forever his fan. This man is amazing! His music truly moves me.

6. DeLynn11/11/2006 12:29:25 AM
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I am just under 50 years young and I LOVE Meatloaf more today than ever! The longer I live and listen to music I am convinced that he is truely a genius with the written word, lyrics and of course, our young hearts. He captured us at 17 and gave us the ability to keep those sweet sweet innocent memories w/just enough reality for us to be in awe of him and his wisdom of life. I LOVE his music and it is one of my choices to be played at my funeral when the Lord takes me. For crying out lous you know I love him........DeLynn

7. Richard Schwartz11/11/2006 01:05:47 AM

Based on these comments, and on reports I'm hearing about his current tour, I think I'll have to chalk up that Idol performance to just a bad night -- and to the correct observations that he was singing to Katherine's key and giving her the opportunity to shine.

8. N01/11/2007 05:00:35 PM

Three little words "go fuck yourselves!" (neone who has been on youtube and seen the really funny arguement meatloaf video, will appreciate this comment, as will all true meatloaf fans). Thankyou, and goodnight.

9. fozza9305/31/2007 04:01:12 PM

i went to see him at sheffield arena and for most of the songs he was fine but there were a couple of songs where he was a bit shaky but he had the backing singers to put him right but overall it was a 1nce in a lifetime experience.

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