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12:15:29 AM

Via Kevin: "Today is Towel Day. A day to mourn that Douglas Adams was taken from us five years ago." I thought it fitting to take note of it here, and I plan to observe the day appropriately.

Today is not actually the fitth anniversay of the death of Douglas Adams. It isn't 42 days after the fifth anniversary of Douglas Adams' death, either. There are five books in the Hitchhikers Guide trilogy, but five doesn't divide evenly into 42 and three does. One third of 42 is 14, and today is in fact 14 days after the fifth anniversay of the death of Douglas Adams. This has exactly nothing at all to do with why the 25 of May is Towel Day, but it is a strange coincidence since "nothing at all" is also the answer to the question "What do I have to do on Towel Day that is different from what I do on any other day?" provided, of couse, that you always carry your towel with you. Read the FAQ on the Towel Day site for further information about why Towel Day is 14 days after the anniversary of Douglas Adams' death.

Towel Day :: A tribute to Douglas Adams (1952-2001)
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