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07:38:18 PM

The trip went well. Very, very productive meetings with some very sharp people. A new culinary experience known as "andouillette" that I'm not so sure I'll want to repeat, but I admit that it was really quite good and I'm glad I tried it. A dog named "Unix". Great weather. Not a lot of time for sightseeing, but I got in a few hours of walking with my product manager on Friday evening. We stopped in at the Louvre for a bit. Admission is very reasonable in the evening. The we grabbed a quick dinner at a local cafe,and walked along the Seine to Ile St. Louis, where we were told we could find the best ice cream in Paris. Then we crossed over to Rive Gauche and caught a taxi back to the hotel.

There was no time at all for blogging while I was there, and the trip did leave me very thoroughly exhausted, so I haven't blogged about it until now even though I've been back for nearly a week. Flying out on Tuesday night, arriving Wednesday morning with 1.5 hours of sleep on the plane, going in for meetings on Wednesday afternoon, then all day meetings on Thursday and Friday, and also dealing with California issues via email and jabber well into each evening (which is morning to mid afternoon Pacific time), waking up to the latest status reports from California in the morning, and then coming home on Saturday early afternoon just as I was getting acclimated to the six hour time shift... I don't know how guys like Ed do it.

Note to self: get a proper travel alarm. I use my cell phone's alarm when traveling domestically, but it's a dumb cell phone and US-only. It gets its time from the cell network, and when I'm in Europe there's no network. The hotel didn't provide an alarm clock in the room, and their automated wake-up call was down on Friday night. I called the desk and left instructions, but no call came in the morning. I did wake up, but with barely enough time to get to CDG and make my flight.

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1. Bruce Perry06/18/2006 10:29:37 PM

I've tried andouillette. It's not my favorite type of sausage, but it's ok. Given traditional methods of sausage making, I wonder if any thought has been given to the typical topology of the andouillette?

On my recent trip to spain, we were confronted by blood sausage a number of times. This grosses out many Americans, but it's actually not bad. One of our group tried marketing it to the rest of us as "chocolate potatoes". Clearly a better name, but not very informative. My sister's name for the stuff, "scab in a tube", would win truth in advertising awards, but sales would plummet.

2. Matt White06/19/2006 04:37:14 AM

On a family holiday to France we went out for dinner in a very French restaurant (ie great food but unwilling to be helpful even for kids who are obviously struggling with their French).

My brother wanted sausage so the waiter suggested he try andouillette (in hindsight it was suggested with an evil relish). When it arrived my brother tucked in but went very pale very quickly. The waiter came over with a smile on his lips now quite willing to speak English to my brother. "How do you like your, how do you say, Haggis?".

Needless to say andouillette has never featured high on the families list of favourite foods from that day.

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