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08:00:41 PM

Look, there's plenty wrong with what Senator Ted Stevens, D. (for Doofus)R. (for Ridiculous) Alaska, said in his speech in the Senate about net neutrality. I've said so myself. But one of the only things he was actually close to being right about was his claim that the Internet is a "series of tubes". We really should lay off him on that one.

We in this business routinely refer to our networks' connections as "pipes".

C'mon.... Admit it! You've said it. I'm right, aren't I? When's the last time you said "leased line", or "circuit"? When's the last time you referred to the "broadband" except at home or in a hotel? If you're talking about a specific intenet link, maybe you say "T1" or "OC-3", but what do you say when you're talking generically?

No, you don't say "tube", but If you have anything to do with managing networks, you've definitely referred to a "big pipe, a "fat pipe", or a "fast pipe" (which is a mangled metaphor, but you know you've heard it even if you haven't said it!). Even if you're just a power user, someone who cares about connectivity, you've probably said it. You, or your comapny has installed a "new pipe" or a "redundant pipe", or you've complained about the "slow pipe" or the "overworked pipe" in some hotel where you've been staying.

He said "tubes"... We say "pipes".

"Tubes"... "Pipes".

Pipes are made of metal or plastic, or concrete or even clay. Tubes are made of rubber or cardboard.... or metal or plastic, or concrete or clay!

"Tubes"... "Pipes".

Same thing!

Still, Jon Stewart has fun with it.

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1. Chris Linfoot07/16/2006 04:54:22 PM

And here I thought you meant The Tubes:

That would have been very interesting.

2. Richard Schwartz07/16/2006 08:57:24 PM

Chris, believe it or not, while posting this, I actually was humming "What Punks On Dope"

3. Bruce Perry07/16/2006 09:38:17 PM

Here's a techno remix of his remarks

4. andy b07/17/2006 03:11:24 PM

Useless Trivia (at least with regards to network pipe/tubes)

Tubing is measured based on outside diameter, pipes are measured based on inside diameter.

This matters a lot if you are calculating flow or are trying to bend either with the other's bending tool.

5. Richard Schwartz07/17/2006 03:43:53 PM

@Andy: Is that kind of like the difference between baud rate and bits per second?

6. andy b07/17/2006 05:22:25 PM

Yeah, I suppose there is a limited correlation there. Definitely on the flow calculations at least

Since it has been awhile, baud and bit rate can vary becuase of multi-bit encoding right?

300 baud may = 300 bps


300 baud may = 2400 bps (assuming a 8:3 multi-bit encoding scheme) Right?

7. Richard Schwartz07/17/2006 09:20:05 PM

That's how I understand it.

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