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12:50:29 AM

Friday night. A great time to do a server upgrade.

I have no life.

Everything is running fine. I had upgraded my client a couple of nights ago.

No orthogonalities have been encountered. I did look, but no... I didn't read the release notes or anything smart like that, so perhaps they're lurking somewhere. I don't count myself amongst the confused, but perhaps I am.

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1. Ed Brill07/15/2006 10:23:25 AM

If you mean that the RSS and blog templates aren't there, you're right. Beta 2.

2. Richard Schwartz07/15/2006 12:09:50 PM

Thanks, Ed. That's what I figured was probably the case. I just couldn't resist the chance to use the word "orthogonalities" in a sentence. It's almust as much fun as using "aymptoticasymptotic".

Like I said, I have no life.

3. Nathan T. Freeman07/17/2006 05:47:14 AM

You have no life? I have such a lack of life that I'm going to point out that you meant "asymptotic."

4. Richard Schwartz07/17/2006 07:39:00 AM

@Nathan: Indeed!

5. rich Westle08/31/2006 09:26:50 PM

How did you get 7.02 beta.... for MAC???

6. Richard Schwartz09/01/2006 12:38:55 AM

I didn't get 7.02 beta for Mac. I want it, but I didn't get it. I've got it for Windows client and server, and I could get it for Linux from the beta download site... but the Mac version isn't available yet, If I recall correctly, they're saying it will be available at the end of September.

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