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10:39:36 PM

The recent series of heat waves, combined with the fact that I am working in a real office for the first time in many years, has had an odd side effect. It has created an opportunity for my frequent bouts of absent-midedness on routine matters to manifest in a new way.

Upon arriving home from work, I usually change clothes. In my years working at home, I had gotten used to being able to wear shorts while working. I don't wear shorts to the office, and that's not a problem, but when I get home I want to change. During the recent heat waves, the air conditioner really can't keep up and the house is getting quite warm, so I want to change quickly.

Twice in the past few weeks, I've been unable to find my USB smartcard, which I keep on a lanyard with a USB storage key. Normally, they are both in my pocket when I go to work and likewise when I come home. Normally, I empty my pockets of change, wallet, keys, USB devices and whatever else might be in them and toss everything into a little bin as soon as I get home. On both occasions when I couldn't find my smartcard, however, it turned out to be in the laundry hamper, still in the pocket of the slacks I had worn the previous day. Losing the smartcard would be a double pain, because not only would I have to get another one, but I'd also have to go through the (deliberately) elaborate process of loading an X.509 certificate onto it, and I would be unable to get into the VPN until it was all taken care of. Fortunately, given that I doubt that the USB devices would have survived the experience, in both cases I noticed it before the laundry made it into the washing machine.

I was not so fortunate with my wallet this weekend.

It went into the washing machine yesterday afternoon, and 20 minutes later I was getting ready to go out on an errand when I noticed it was not where it belonged. Just as was the case with the smartcard, this was the second time in the past few weeks in which the wallet was misplaced. Although the USB devices and the wallet were both found in pants pockets on the previous occasions, in this case I must have been in denial. I searched the house -- the wallet is not always kept in that bin, after all -- in vain before it occurred to me where it had to be.

I fished it out and laid everything out to dry.

The thing is, this has never happened before. Once or twice in my life before these past few weeks I had misplaced a wallet or keys and had them turn up in my slacks pocket, but four times in a few weeks is completely unprecedented. And I've never run anything in my pockets through the washing machine before.

I blame it on global warming.

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1. Ben Langhinrichs07/31/2006 06:59:13 AM

It's an inconvenient truth, but I think you are right.

2. Andrew Pollack07/31/2006 08:02:44 AM

You have just seen the smallest taste of ADD. Even fully medicated, rarely does a day go by without some experience like this for me. Without the drugs, I've had days which amount to and unending series of this kind of thing. Add to it missing your exit on the freeway, endlessly walking to and from the kitchen for that glass of water you never end up getting because something "shiney" catches your end and you go off on some other end (which itself gets interrupted before completion.

At least the drugs work. With them, you gain the ability to keep running checklists going and routines. Now I don't leave the house without checking pockets for keys and wallet. lol.

3. Scot Haberman07/31/2006 08:18:48 AM

Old age

4. Ken Yee07/31/2006 02:26:32 PM

LOL. Young kids have ADD and adults have ADD? I suspect it's really kids discovering the world and old age when we forget the world

5. Shaina 08/26/2006 10:49:12 AM

i really think that youre just old.

love always,

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