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09:59:16 PM

In contrast to what Andrew is experiencing trying to get back home from London, I had no difficulties flying this past weekend. My uncle and I had a 9:30 AM flight from Logan Airport to Newark, with a connection to Indianapolis, and even though we thought that long delays for a flight early Saturday morning were unlikely, we figured better early than sorry, so I was out of the house before 5:15 AM and we arrived at Logan at 7:15 AM. We checked in quickly, and went through security with no problems. There was no hand search of carry-on bags at the checkpoint, and no second security check at the gate. Despite all the stories on Boston news about the governor having called out the National Guard to supplement the TSA agents, we saw no soldiers there. At the change of planes in Newark there was also no security check at the gate, and in fact a passenger walked onto the plane carrying a full coffee cup in plane view of the gate agent and flight crew. Security was a little tighter for the return flight from Indianapolis, which was direct to Boston. Despite our experience on the flight out, we made sure we arrived plenty early again, and this time there were random hand checks of carry-on bags, both at the security checkpoint (where I was selected) and at the gate (where I was not). The process was very quick, though, even including the wipe-down and chemical signature test that they did. I've been selected for random bag checks witht he chemical test before at airports that were equipped for it, so even this seemed to be nothing special or new. Back in Boston, though, we did see a pair of armed National Guard soldiers on patrol.

I think it's pretty clearly a Your Mileage May Vary situation.

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