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10:37:29 PM

Via Bruce Perry: a link to How many metros?

Got at!
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1. Ed Brill08/21/2006 12:07:10 AM

Interesting! My ex-wife wanted to try to visit all of them, so for a while it was de rigeur.

I think the website needs some help -- three different ones in Vienna? I don't think so. Also, it makes a distinction between "L" and "CTA" in Chicago, which there shouldn't be. There's a metra commuter rail, but I don't think they mean that.

Also I haven't visited some of these cities in so long, I'm not sure if I took the metro or not.

Having said all that, I scored 45 of 151.

2. Richard Schwartz08/21/2006 07:15:46 AM

A lot of the multiples aren't clear to me either. I'm wondering whether some of them might just be cases of old and new names/logos for the same systems.

In any case, 45... Very impressive.

3. Bruce Perry08/21/2006 08:47:18 AM

Well, the multiples listed for Paris are correct (Metro, and RER). Both exist and they are separate. I don't know about the others.

4. Richard Schwartz08/21/2006 11:25:10 AM

New York and New York PATH are also both valid. And the old New York lines that were consolidated way back in the 40s (I think) but whose names (IND, IRT, BMT) still exist on much signage in the system, are not listed.

5. Karl-Henry Martinsson08/30/2006 11:47:39 AM

They are also missing Hamburg U-bahn. They have the commuter trains (S-bahn) but not the underground metro system. They have U-bahn and S-bahn in Berlin, though.
With reservations that the names changed since I was in Hamburg last...

DART in Dallas is not really a Metro, is it? Does streetcars count as Metro, I always thought only subways counted.

By the way, I only got 8 metros...

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