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01:11:33 AM

Just a quick post about a half-formed idea that just hit me like a ton of bricks. I hope the subject is self-explanatory to the Domino blogging community members reading this. Maybe this isn't a new idea. Maybe someone reading this in IBM is nodding and saying, "well... Duh!" But I don't think I've seen or heard anyone say it. So there it is: we need @BlogPost.

There are a lot of ramifications, starting with the Location document, and going... well, like I said, it's a half formed idea. Actually, it's probably not even half formed. I think where it's probably going is in the direction of a very easy Domino blogging API, and perhaps something more general than that. I sometimes over-think things before posting, but this one I just want to put out there right away, to be shouted down or cheered by whomever.

The seed of this idea has been in my head for less than ten minutes. I was thinking about the implications of Ed's post tonight What can I use a blog for? and it occurred to me that Ed really has two hills to climb. People don't just need to know about the business value of blogging. They need to know about the business value of blogging with Domino. The answer to the customer's question isn't just "Do you need to collaborate with your customers and suppliers?" It's "When you need to collaborate with your customers and suppliers, isn't it often the case that you need to draw on pieces of the same data that you and your co-workers collaborate with internally every day?" That lead me to the conclusion: it's got to be easy -- very easy! -- not just to have a Domino blog, but to tie it in with applications, whether they are standard or custom-built.

Think of it: 120+ million users, many thousands of customers, all possible bloggers. Thousands of thousands of applications, and who knows how many terabytes of data... and even though only little bits of it are likely to be blog fodder, it's still a huge amount, and it's scattered all over the place. A skilled Domino programmer could look at the fields and write some code with the standard Domino object classes and tie an application into a blog.. A standard library or set of classes that encapsulate the functionality of the new Domino blog template could make it a bit easier to tie lots of applications to blogs in a consistent manner, but you'd still need a real coder to do the job for each application. @BlogPost would bring the original spirit of empowering Notes and Domino development to bear.

One last thing: @BlogPost should return the permalink and/or a doclink. Integration should be bi-directional.

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1. Steve Castledine08/31/2006 04:58:58 AM

Hi Rich - great idea

In the meantime in dominoblog you can use the @mailsend by setting up the blog database as a mail in - it will receive emails and process them as entries (they are categorization options - even password options)

2. Sean Burgess08/31/2006 12:23:40 PM

Thanks for volunteering to write the useful piece of code for us!

3. Brian Benz08/31/2006 01:42:12 PM

Many blog tools have this, few use it. Easy to send a title and a body to a blog, but not the rest. If you can figure out how to send tags, categories, etc, via email, or even via notes wihout some source document customization you may have something there. Nobody else has been able to do that well.....

4. Andrew Pollack09/02/2006 02:12:25 PM

It's not an architectural match at all. @Mailsend() works regardless of what you're using for a mail template or even if you don't have one.

If someone were to create "@BlogPost" it would have to assume the built in blog template, which is a mistake.

IF the Notes client or server could be configured to handle some of the "semi-standard" blogging post services calls in use (like Blogger, or whatever) then an @BlogPost could use your location document to get the address and so on and the standard technique could be used -- then anyone could create a blog template conforming to that standard and be ok. Otherwise, its a no-go.

5. Richard Schwartz09/02/2006 03:00:54 PM

@4 Andrew: Agree that it should talk to other non-Domino blogs through standard interfaces. Don't think it's an absolute , but requirement. Certainly not for a first release. But a plug-in architecture would definitely be best.

@3 Brian: Why would tags and categories be a problem? Just additional arguments for @BlogPost, IMHO.

@2 Sean: ROFLMAO

@1 Steve: The @MailSend interface is a good start for the meantime. Thanks!

6. Devin Olson09/15/2006 01:32:20 PM

I realize I'm a little late to this party, but DAMN MAN! That is a GREAT IDEA!

7. Karl Martinsson10/07/2006 10:16:32 AM

@3, @5: Why not simply just send everything as XML, additional tags and parameters are just marked up using XML tags.
xmldata:="<subj>" + subject + "</subj><category>" + category + "</category>";

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