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09:18:35 PM

No matter how I crunch the numbers, David Ortiz's offensive stats beat Derek Jeter's. Even when you account for Jeter's advantage in stolen base, sacrifice, and hit-by-pitcher stats, Ortiz's advantage in extra base hits puts him well ahead. To put Jeter ahead in offensive contribution, one would have to give extra weight to Jeter's advantage in hits (i.e., effectively weighting batting average and slugging percentage stats equally), and one can make a case for that... but one would also have to ignore Ortiz's advantages in RBIs and base-on-balls. Jeter is having a great year, but Ortiz will break the Red Sox's 67-year old team record for home runs in a season this year and he has gone a long way to proving that he is amongst the best clutch hitters the game has ever seen.

But there's that nagging problem... the same one that gave A-Rod the advantage over Ortiz for the MVP award last year. So far, this year, Derek Jeter played 1152 innings at shortstop so far this season, which is fourth in the American League in innings played at his position. He's got a fielding percentage of .976, also fourth in the American League amongst shortstops with more than 1000 innings played. David Ortiz is a DH. He has played, to date, a grand total of 68 innings in the field at first base, and in that limited play his fielding percentage is a little below Jeter's.

I've got to go with Jeter. Ortiz deserves to be named Most Valuable Offensive Player, but if you're going to be MVP while playing only half the game, you've got to be overwhelmingly more valuable in that half. He's not.

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1. Timothy Briley09/13/2006 11:54:54 AM

Um, neither. ESPN is pushing Jermaine Dye pretty hard both on SportsCenter and online. And one writer had Jeter and Ortiz 3rd and 4th, with Morneau taking the trophy and Dye coming in second.

If Jeter didn't play for the Yankees, he wouldn't have a chance.

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