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New Hamsphire is a pretty doggone conservative state (especially amongst New England states), but an ornery one for sure. The vast majority of people are very conservative -- especially very conservative fiscally, but most are not party-line Republicans. We tend to alternate Democrat and Republican governors every few years. We elected a Democrat two years ago, but he stood pretty much alone as a Democrat in office. We have had a Democrat or two in Congress in my memory, but our entire delegation has been Republican for quite a few years now, and our state legislature has been Republican-controlled for as long as I can remember -- as long as anyone can remember, really. Nationally we went for Bush in 2000, but Kerry in 2004, causing me to refer to my state as being somewhat "purple" for a while, but yesterday's results show that the vote for Kerry was merely an early sign of our collective discontent here. We just re-elected our Democratic governor, threw out both of our Republican members of the US House of Representatives and replaced them with Democrats, and got a solid Democratic majority in both houses of our state legislature -- and I do mean "solid"! We had a 90 seat swing, resulting in just short of a 2:1 Democratic majority in the lower house, and we have a 14-10 Democratic majority in the state senate.

This is the first Democratic sweep of New Hampshire since the Stone Age. Our two Republican US Senators, Gregg and Sununu, must be thanking their lucky stars that neither of their seats was up for re-election this year.

It won't last. Our ornery nature means that there's no Democratic lock on the next election by any means. The last time we had a Democratic representative in my district, he lasted one term. But it'll be nice while it lasts.

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1. Andrew Pollack11/09/2006 10:00:52 AM

We just re-elected Olympia Snow here in Maine. Nearly every other choice we made was solidly blue, but Snow is a beloved and respected senator to us. Why? Because she represents what we actually want in our Republicans. Fiscally conservative leanings with solid grasp of the value in practicality, and socially liberal views that keep the government out of personal decisions.

Story of the 1990's politically will be written as the (hopefully brief) usurpation of the moral position by extreme right wing control freaks -- a really scary number of whom turn out to be repressed versions of everything they claim to hate.

2. Ken Yee11/10/2006 03:52:49 PM

I was really hoping to see more Libertarians get into office in NH; I think I only saw one listed in the news. I'm sick of both major parties (they both do disgusting, but different things and both think they need to control the peons). There's an old saying that power corrupts...being a politician should not be a "career" IMHO, because the worst ones are the ones who have been doing it for the longest...

3. R. J. Lesch11/13/2006 06:05:52 PM

We went blue here in Iowa: governor, three of our five US Reps, state House and state Senate. (We're kind of a purple state; we teeter back and forth a lot.)

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