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We are looking to fill a position in our group at HP. I am not the hiring manager, but will have significant input into the hiring decision. You may respond to me directly, but only if you are representing yourself. You can reach me at schwartz at Please, please, please... use the phrase "Senior Domino/Java Developer opportunity" in your subject line.

This is a full-time permanent position, not contract. The group is located in Andover, MA, USA, and this position requires significant on-site work for the foreseeable future. Some occasional travel may be required.

This is a senior level position. The ideal candidate has been involved with both Domino development and administration since at least R5, is up to date on knowledge and experience with current versions, is a subject matter expert with strong analysis and troubleshooting skills in addition to development skills. The ideal candidate also has experience working in an R&D environment, working as part of a large geographically distributed team, working on complex projects, and maintaining customer responsiveness and product quality standards.

This is a development position, but deep knowledge of the Domino system, including architecture, configuration and administration is highly desirable. Java experience is required, and C, and C++ programming experience and Notes API familiarity are very desirable. Understanding of protocols, data formats and APIs for Internet standards (e.g., SMTP, MIME, HTTP) is also very desirable. Experience developing complex systems consisting of mulitple components on mulitple servers, and working with very high reliability, is essential.

Excellent English communication skills are required. Fluency in French is a significant plus.

Note: This is not a formal HP job posting. It is an informal invitation to readers of this blog, by and on behalf of myself, extending the opportunity to contact me for further information and potential consideration. All inquirers will be provided with the formal posting upon request. A link to the formal posting, if and when available on the web, will be posted. The formal posting may include additional requirements, plus various standard disclaimers, all of which will apply regardless of their omission here and regardless of anything that is written here.

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