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05:51:34 AM

The plane left an hour late. I already had a tight connection. I doubt I'll make it. No point worrying about it until I'm on the ground.

I can't be 100% sure the guy in the seat in front of me is Vin Diesel, but I'm at least 99% sure. The look is right. The voice is even more right. I'm only hearing snippets over the ambient noise, but the conversation he's having with someone who came on board with him is definitely touching on movie industry topics. The only thing that makes me wonder is the fact that part of his group was seated in the back even though there were open seats up front... and he was gesturing for them to come up front and take those seats; and when one of his entourage said that they couldn't do that he asked the flight attendant... who of course confirmed. I would have thought that any Hollywood film star who had been around for a few ytears would know the rules -- or would have had someone in his entourage who could have purchased the necessary upgrades on the spot.

Update #1 It definitely is Vin Diesel. I was up to 99.99% sure, but first of all his assistant held a quick meeting with the flight attendants and managed to get permission to have one of the people from the back moved to the front, and I didn't hear the words "pay for an upgrade" in the conversation. Secondly, upon landing he was met at the end of the jetway by an Air France employee with a sign that said "Mr. Diesel". Before that I had tried to snap a photo with my cell phone, but with no luck -- I fat-fingered it and it didn't take the shot. His assistant had seen me do it and gave me a dirty look and started to demand that I erase it, but I just smiled and said "It was just to show my kids, and it didn't work anyhow" and I held up the screen still showing a moving image. Mr. Diesel was already long gone, and the assistant needed to catch up, so I never got to the point of saying the words "public figure", "public place", etc.

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1. Nathan T. Freeman12/23/2006 10:28:24 PM

That's a shame. If you were a fan, it would have been easy to start the conversation...

"Mr. Diesel... I work on the internet for a living... is it true what thy say.... is there really no theory of evolution -- only a series of species which you allow to live?"

Who could turn that down. Then you could eat him alive for "Find Me Guilty" or simple ask any Chronicles of Riddick was so cool and so lame AT THE SAME TIME. But all the while point out hat Boiler Room and Knockaround Guys remand the top of their genres -- and what was the seceret to making a cheese-fest like XXX work so well?

2. Richard Schwartz12/24/2006 08:35:06 AM


3. Degilwen12/24/2006 01:46:00 PM

Do you really mean itīs Vin?? And do you mean he spend his X-Mas Hollyday in France?? I donīt think ..... I think he fly to New York to his parents

4. Richard Schwartz12/24/2006 02:47:52 PM

@1: LOL

@2: I assume he transferred to another flight, but I don't know what his destination was.

5. Marvo12/28/2006 04:18:32 PM

Hi Richard, if you are film buff and like Vin Diesel, here is the reason for his visit in Prague:
I hope that you will add Prague to the list of visited places soon.

6. Richard Schwartz12/28/2006 05:59:55 PM

@5 - Thanks! I've been wondering.

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