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11:21:51 PM

My unique friend Amy pointed out, where I found that I am not unique (which I already knew), and let's just say that number of my known namesakes is "interesting":
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?


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1. Kerr02/01/2007 05:13:51 AM

Not only is my full name unique. According to that site, there is no-one at all in the US with my first name. Maybe that's why I was detained at imigration one time in AZ.

2. Kerr02/01/2007 05:36:34 AM

Oh, and since I'm not I'm not actually in the States, being told there are 0 people with my name there is not a problem. I hope your friend Amy isn't of the foil hat persuasion; she might not take it to well.

3. Ben Langhinrichs02/01/2007 05:49:21 AM

Sadly, it says that there are zero people in the U.S. with the last name Langhinrichs. I wonder where I really am?

Oh, and by the way, it says there are 915 people with my birth name, Benjamin Lewis. Positively crowded. No wonder I changed my name when I got married.

4. Chris Whisonant02/01/2007 10:47:12 AM

I posted this over at Andy Broyles' site:

According to the site, there is one person with my name and 3 named Christopher Whisonant. Here's the freaky part - and I should probably post this at my blog later - I dated a girl in high school who had a picture of some distant relatives in TN (I think). Right there in the picture was a Chris Whisonant!

5. Tim Brown02/01/2007 01:21:12 PM

I'm afraid to look, there are two or three just within the Notes/Domino community.

Tim - not-the-Heisman-winner - Brown

6. Kudla02/04/2007 02:32:07 PM

Rich, very scary.
I always thought the "Power of the Schwarz" was to be used for good, but the ominous number of the beast may very well augur otherwise.

What is even scarier, none of the narcissists who commented even made the connection, too concerned with umm...being narcissistic.

Either way, there is nothing good to be gleaned from this post.

The end is near.

7. Kerr02/05/2007 02:12:36 PM

Pah! What's wrong with 666, I mean if it was 616 I'd have been worried.

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