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10:01:13 PM

Let's face it: Web 2.0 is sooo 2006! Fortunately for all of us, the spirit of innovation is still going strong, so now we have Web 2.1.

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1. Tom02/27/2007 11:35:16 PM

Who's idea was it to get rid of the blink tag in the first place?

2. Nathan T. Freeman02/28/2007 08:10:27 AM

@1 - Someone who had visited too many Geocities page.

Background images will ultimately be deprecated by someone who spends too much time at mySpace.

3. Chris Whisonant02/28/2007 10:09:59 AM

Websense is blocking the web 2.1 site for me.

@1 Do you mean we shouldn't be using blink tags anymore?

@2 Hey! My first website was on Geocities!! Too bad it's no longer out there!

4. Rock03/07/2007 06:14:22 PM

@Tom - forgive me if I am slow, but you do realize that the Web 2.1 site is a joke, right?


5. Tom03/08/2007 08:13:09 AM

@Rock - That's a bummer. You have no idea how many times we say "if we could only make this blink..."

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