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08:08:59 PM

I'm finally joining the 21st century.

153 CDs loaded. 595 (give or take a few) to go.

Yes, I finally gave in and bought an iPod. It's a 30 GB model, in black of course, which is what makes it officially the SchwartzPod.

I got it just before my ThinkPad problems (which are solved now -- more on that later) set in, and I had to leave for a week in Paris before the Lenovo return box arrived, then the day after it came back from the repair depot I had to run down to New Jersey for a few days... so I've just had a four evenings to shuffle CDs in and out to get them loaded. I chose the 30 GB model over the 8 GB Nano at the same price, mainly because of the larger screen size being easier to read. Even the 30 GB won't be enough for my entire music collection, and I just didn't see the need to go up to the 80 GB model.

Extrapolating from the 2087 songs already loaded, I'll have more than 10,000 by the time the whole collection is loaded, taking up close to 40 GB. My music collection was built up to support my old part-time DJing hobby, so roughly 33% of the CDs are "Various Artist" collections, and if I had to guess I'd say that about 10% of the remainder are "Greatest Hits" or "Best Of" collections for single artists. That's going to make for a lot of variety and more hits than misses in shuffle play.

And then, of course, there's the matter of the old LPs to deal with. And of course, there's the question of a home system to deal with -- but fortunately for me, several of the bloggers I read regularly have given lots of advice about that already

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1. Larry03/08/2007 12:52:50 PM

So Richard, here's a question for the ages......
Are you ripping your music in mp3 or aac format?

2. Richard Schwartz03/09/2007 08:49:46 PM

Ah, good question. I started out ripping to AAC. This was purely as a result of not actually thinking about it in all the"I finally got my own iPod!" excitement. But once I realized that, duh!, I have a choice... I switched over to MP3 at 192 kbps. And I converted everything that was in AAC format over to MP3.

3. Dennis Ellison03/12/2007 11:39:23 AM

I've been using an open source program called Audacity for ripping the vinyl. Works well for those one-of-a-kind gems not on CD.

4. Richard Schwartz03/12/2007 02:02:07 PM

Thanks, Dennis. I downloaded Audacity a while back, but haven't had a chance to look at it yet. I didn't think of it as a way to rip LPs to MP3, but now that you mention it's pretty obvious.

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