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08:48:28 PM

"Throw the book at him!" What a fitting expression.

Via Andy Broyles, somebody -- apparently one of several "well-known" (not that I've heard of any of them) bloggers -- has been threatening Kathy Sierra. Kathy is a well-known author of Head First Java and other books, blogger, and a truly creative thinker.

On the Internet, any idiot can become a well-known blogger, but they remain an idiot. On the Internet, as in real life, any idiot who threatens someone else with death or bodily harm, whether with or without intent to actually do so, is by definition a thug who deserves to be charged, prosecuted, and punished. Well-known or not, such a person does not hold a candle to Kathy in the creative thinking department. In fact, such a person is not a creative thinker at all. and does not get to hide behind freedom of speech.

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1. cmoutlet12/03/2014 03:15:18 AM

2. dongdong803/06/2017 10:08:04 PM

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