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04:25:01 PM

In the last few days, I've been notified of creation of Friendster and Xanga sites using my email address. It has happened before, and it will happen again -- due to the simplicity of my address and the fact that it seems like it could belong to a high school.

In the past, I've managed to get those pages deleted -- but I figured that doing this (see below) would take no more time. It may not do any good as a deterrent to others, but it gives me a bit of a sense of satisfaction anyhow.


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1. Kevin Pettitt04/01/2007 11:38:02 PM

God I hope that's not an April Fool's joke. Priceless.

2. Richard Schwartz04/02/2007 12:40:51 AM

It would be a good April Fools post, come to think of it... But it's not a joke. I forgot to post the link with the proof. Here it is:

3. Bruce Perry04/02/2007 01:20:40 AM

Considering what happened to McCain's MySpace page, I think you were merciful.

(Whoever created it used an image from another site. The owner modified the image to say he supported gay marriage - especially between two passionate females)

4. Wild Bill04/02/2007 03:25:55 AM

Time for an SPF record on your DNS for your domain ?

---* Bill

5. Richard Schwartz04/02/2007 07:50:38 AM

@4 Bill: People who use my domain as their "fake" address for web registrations generally aren't spoofing sent mail, so I don't see how SPF would help.

6. Ed Brill04/02/2007 10:43:38 AM

Good on ya, Rich! Serves 'em right.

7. Chris Whisonant04/02/2007 11:41:54 AM

Dude, that's SO funny!!!

Remember when I said that Chris Sligh went to my college? Well here's an even bigger alumnus from when it was a juco in 64:

Yes sir, the Director of National Intelligence went to my college...

8. Danny Lawrence04/02/2007 11:43:24 AM

Good job Rich, it makes the bogus owner of the site do the work of getting it taken down so you don't have to.

9. Brian Benz04/04/2007 01:42:41 PM

Hehe - good on ya! I would have waited a month or two until they had more content there, then you coud have had even more fun!

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