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04:17:11 PM

Two occurrences of the word "Bandwidth".

Both spelled the same way.

Both spelled correctly.

But according to Word, one was right and the other was wrong.

Deleting and retyping did not help.

Splitting into "Band" and "width" got Word to tell me that "Band" was good, but "width" was bad.

Typing "width" again, between "Band" and the existing "width", then deleting the one that was marked as wrong, then deleting the space between the remaining "Band" and "width" finally fixed the non-problem that Word considered a problem.

And some people at work wonder why I won't set up Word as my default message editor in Outlook. (It's bad enough that I have to use Outlook.)

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1. Chris Whisonant04/05/2007 05:06:54 PM

Keep fighting the good fight! In all fairness, though, I have seen Sametime not have the word "her" in its dictionary:

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