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08:44:53 PM

As of the second inning in tonight's game, which is the 7th of the Yankees season, Alex Rodriguez has hit 6 home runs. He is 10 for 26, for a batting average of .385. Nine of his 10 hits are for extra bases -- three doubles in addition to the six homers, for a slugging percentage of 1.192 (31 TBs in 26 at bats), and 15 RBIs. These numbers are, of course, unsustainable -- but I'm enjoying them while they last. I just picked up some tickets to a game at Yankee Stadium on Memorial Day weekend.

And of course, it's April, not October. The way the Yankee pitching staff has looked so far this year, A-Rod might not even get to play in October, so he might not get the chance to be a post-season disappointment.

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1. Chris Whisonant04/11/2007 08:28:34 AM

Oh man, I just checked the Red Sox schedule and they are playing the Yankees on Sunday June 3 - the day I arrive for The VIEW conference! I may have to hit that game. But on the Sox site, you can't purchase a ticket (there's not "T" beside the date like the others). I've only been to one MLB game. It was when our youth group went on a mission trip to Baltimore back in 95. And I got to see the Yankees then!

2. Richard Schwartz04/11/2007 10:12:30 AM

You can check, but I'd say that even there the chances of getting a ticket are pretty slim. Season ticket holders at Fenway do not give up tickets to Yankee games easily.

3. Chris Whisonant04/11/2007 10:19:33 AM

That's kind of what I was thinking... Figured it would be tough to get that ticket!!

4. Bruce Perry04/11/2007 02:16:55 PM

Today's Boston Globe had an article about a crackdown on scalpers. Granted, the season often starts with something of the sort, but this sounded bigger. I think state law prohibits adding more than $2 to the face value. This law was frequently ignored in the past.

No idea if this will affect the availability of tickets or not.

5. Richard Schwartz04/11/2007 02:38:03 PM

No idea if it will or won't affect anything. StubHub does seem to have lots of tickets available. Their premium is 10% of the agreed value between buyer and seller. They are owned by eBay, which I guess doesn't really say anything about whether or not they are free of any concerns with scalping laws. Some of the sports leagues are actually partnered with StubHub, though Major League Baseball is not.

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