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09:09:28 PM

Tonight on American Idol, Jordin Sparks sang a Rodgers and Hammerstein song called You'll Never Walk Alone. While she was singing, my younger daughter suddenly perked up and said "Dad, that song is from Hitchhiker's Guide". I looked at her quizzically. I was thinking she was referring to the movie, but I had no memory at all of it being in the soundtrack. She spoke up again, "It's in the book. Eddie sings it." I looked at her quizzically again, and she said "Eddie the computer sings it". Then she went back to her room and got her copy of The More Than Complete Hitchhiker's Guide (which actually is my copy, but the chances of my ever getting it back are pretty slim), and quickly leafing through it she found the passage. Eddie starts singing the song while the Heart of Gold is being attacked by nuclear missles while approaching the planet Magrathea.

So, I have two things to say about all this. First, my wife and I both thought that Jordin's voice seemed a little weak compared to her usual, but that the performance was still very good; and the judges all really loved the performance. Simon even went so far as to say something along the lines of "That song's about 60 years old, but I think you could have a hit record with it," and that's just about as high a compliment as anyone can ever get from him. Second, my younger daughter has an absolutely phenomenal memory!

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1. Jason04/25/2007 08:35:59 AM

My daughter can remember eating in a particular cafe a year ago, she can remember how it was decorated, what she did and what she ate there. She's four. She's scaring me. When I'm old she's going to be reminding me of all the injustices I forced upon her (not being able to have a lolly for example).

2. Richard Schwartz04/25/2007 01:47:08 PM

Yeah, I noticed her memory very early on. And she's already taken to reminding me or the injustices I've foisted upon her

3. Chris Linfoot04/25/2007 02:57:32 PM

Of course the original rendition of You'll Never Walk Alone by Eddie was not in the book but in the radio show, specifically Fit the Third, first broadcast 22nd March 1978. Eddie starts singing about 9 minutes and 36 seconds into the show and stops shortly after.

You do have that on CD, right?

4. Richard Schwartz04/25/2007 03:39:19 PM

@3 Actually, the CD is really my daughter's, not something she has appropriated from me I had the radio shows on cassette tape many years ago, but I don't think I still have them.

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