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12:59:15 AM

Via Chris Reckling at Inside Lotus, I found my way to the Lotus Museum. I rummaged around my collection of artifacts and located a few that I thought might be rarities, and I've decided to "donating" a few of them. My first donation, the "Dilbert" mouse pad from the first (and only?) ViP Developer's Conference, held in Boston in the Spring of 1995, has been submitted. It will hopefully be posted there soon. It was previously posted here, and Stefan Heinz said it was the "coolest" of the submissions for his call for old Lotus mouse pads a few years ago.

So, what can you donate?

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1. Gregg Eldred05/02/2007 12:23:19 AM

This is a dumb question, but how did you manage to take such a good picture of the mouse pad?

2. Richard Schwartz05/02/2007 01:19:50 AM

The camera is a simple, old Kodak DC280, 2.3 megapixels. I won't deny a big element of luck, given that I really had no idea what I was doing. The background is a deep navy blue bedspread with a pattern of brown and tan circles. The room lights (two 100W shaded incandescents, and one 60W incandescent in a desk fixture) were on, and the pad was roughly equidistant from all three sources. I kneeled oon the bed, directly over the mouse pad with the camera aimed down at it. I backed off to the point where I had to go to the maximum zoom in order for the pad to nearly fill the viewfinder. Then I just took several flash photos, varying the angle slightly to try and reduce the glare from the plastic surface of the pad. I also tried several other backgrounds and ambient lighting situations, and this was the best picture of the bunch.

3. Gregg Eldred05/02/2007 09:27:48 AM

Rich, thanks for the tip. While I have a 5.1 megapixel camera, I am really trying to learn more about taking good pictures. I see the stuff that vowe, Alan, and Ed put out there, and am totally blown away. I know that most of their shots are due to their "eye," but there should be no reason why I can't take technically better pictures. Thanks to Esther Strom, who explained ISO settings, I hope to be able to take better low light pictures.

I have a bunch of stuff that I need to shoot and submit to the museum, and the more I know earlier, the less time I will need to setup the shots.

Thanks for taking the time to explain how you did it.

4. Judi Lazerus05/03/2007 09:22:14 PM

Shooting with an automatic digital camera sometimes produces mixed results in clarity ... shooting too close to an object produces blurry results. However, I've found that using a flatbed scanner for a lot of items gives just as good, if not better, results for a lot of items. I need to add this hints to the museum's website ....

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