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03:37:43 PM

Continuing on from here... Here's an R5 solution based on a different technique. The intiial input value is not as well disguised here in comparison to my previous version. In this case it's just a text respresentation of the bitwise inverse, with separator characters as needed.

x := "1111~0110 0000~0110 1110~1110 1111~1101 0110~0010 1000~1011 0001~1100 1010~0100 " + "0010~0111 1011~1110 1010~1001 0011~1010 1001~1100 1010~1001 0111~0111 0011~1111"; b:="0000":"0001":"0010":"0011":"0100":"0101":"0110":"0111":"1000":"1001":"1010":"1011":"1100": "1101":"1110":"1111"; h:="0":"1":"2":"3":"4":"5":"6":"7":"8":"9":"A":"B":"C":"D":"E":"F"; o := @ReplaceSubstring(@ReplaceSubstring(@ReplaceSubstring(@ReplaceSubstring( @ReplaceSubstring(x;"1";"*");"0";"1");"*";"0");b;h);"~";""); o
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1. jeff02/13/2017 05:33:08 AM

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2. dongdong811/17/2017 11:17:42 PM

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