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02:17:06 PM

Yankees vs. Red Sox or American Idol finals.

Actually, there's no dilemma. If I were to try to watch the game tonight, I would be outvoted. And I do want to see the Idol finals, too.

Therefore, I hope that the stream of the game isn't blacked out on That way Idol can be on the television, and I can have the stream on my laptop at the same time. Last night's game wasn't blacked out, but I was doubly surprised by that, first of all because it was being broadcast nationally on ESPN, and secondly because my billing address for the subscription is in the Boston viewing area so the Boston-based NESN channel should have had exclusive rights. Either one of those should have caused it to be blacked out. Or so I thought. Or maybe two negatives make a positive?

The blackout rules seem to either be inconsistent or inconsistently enforced.

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1. Lars Olufsen05/23/2007 03:29:03 AM

Richard, you need a TV with "Picture-in-picture" functionality ... Or a Slingbox/Sony Locationfree to relay tv to your laptop. I use Locationfree when I'm at my girlfriends. Cable hasn't really gotten to the rural areas of Denmark yet, but broadband has, so I have access to all my Cable channels as well as my videorecorder and harddisk recorder over the internet. Fullscreen and fully interactive (I can even program my recorders remotely).

You can actually SEE the ball! Beats the hell out of watching 2" streams.

2. Richard Schwartz05/23/2007 07:34:41 AM

Well, we do have a P-in-P television, but not two digital cable tuners, so it doesn't help in this case. The Slingbox idea is one I have thought about, but honestly... I already watch too much television, so I'm not sure I want to spend money on an excuse to watch even more. We don't even have a DVR right now, partly for the same reason. But you're right -- the stream quality is poor -- even with the upgrade to 700k that they're added to the service this year.

3. Timothy Briley05/23/2007 10:29:18 AM

What has this country come to when red-blooded American males even consider watching "Idol" instead of a Red Sox - Yankees game?

Very sad.

4. Richard Schwartz05/23/2007 11:05:46 AM

@Timothy: True, true, true... But I watched both. The stream was not blacked out.

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