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NetMeeting is not the most recent real-time collaboration offering from Microsoft. It is, however, the default tool of choice for screen sharing for internal meetings within my company. We do have IBM Lotus SameTime available, but only a tiny fraction of our 150,000+ employees know it exists. Honestly, I don't even know if we have full SameTime licenses, or just the chat-only entitlement. We do have browser-based real-time collaboration available, but it is usually used only when we need participation from outside the firewall. We probably have other tools available, too, perhaps including the latest from Microsoft... but I think it's pretty much the same as with SameTime... there isn't even close to the required critical mass of users who know about it. have the software, and promote its use. Everyone has NetMeeting.

So, after being on-board for a year, I finally found myself in the situation today where I was in a NetMeeting and really needed to try out the white board feature. We've gotten to a stage in our current project where we need to do some customization within our bug-tracking system to set it up just right, and I needed to roll up my sleeves and throw around some ideas about fields and value lists with team members on the West coast. So, while sharing the screen of a colleague I took a screen shot, pasted it into the white board, and started marking it up. Other team members did likewise, and after a little bit of experimentation and back-and forth we reached a consensus. So, we all saved the white board locally, and ended the session.

Not too long afterward, I got an email from a team member saying "I can't access the saved white board!" I launched the saved file, and that's when I got the above dialog. I'll have to recreate the thought processes and try and duplicate the consensus we reached in the morning.

And I think I'lll look into what our licensing for SameTime allows, and if we have the full license I'll start to promote its use within my team. What the heck. As the architect of a product that works with Domino within a non-Domino organization, I'm already going against the grain.

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1. Mathias Pohl05/29/2007 06:09:09 PM

Try HP Virtual Room instead:
It's available free of charge within HP and can also be used with Partners and customers outside of the company firewall...

Enjoy, Mathias

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