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10:38:16 PM

Let's see... last night was a triple-header. chorus concert at the high school, American Idol finals, ballgame streaming on the laptop. (No, not during the chorus concert.) And, oh, yeah... some programming along the way.

Today was an off day. Well, not from the programming. And also, it's laundry time, and there's packing for the weekend, and a pick-up from the dance studio. But really, apart from the packing it's not too different from a normal day.

I'll be doing a half day of work on Friday, but I actually haven't decided which half. I'll probably take the morning off, but not necessarily the whole morning. (No, a half day is not 12 hours!

Sometime on Friday I'll drop by my Uncle's house to drop of the dog for the weekend. Thanks, Uncle David and Aunt Brina! Hootie can't wait to see you.

Friday night I'll be in Boston for a dance recital, and the four of us will be staying the night in Boston because there's another recital on Saturday night. But I'm not staying for the second recital. On Saturday morning I'm driving to New York with kid two. At noon we'll be at Yankee Stadium for a ballgame. An Alex Rodriguez jersey will probably be purchased, as kid one isn't about to give kid two her Derek Jeter jersey. If the game doesn't run too late, we might run down to Chinatown for dinner. Otherwise, there's a place in Yonkers that I might try to find my way to. We'll stay the night in Stamford, Connecticut. It cuts an hour off the trip home, and they have a nice indoor/outdoor pool at the hotel. That's always an important consideration for young Yankee fans.

On Sunday we drive home, stopping to pick up the dog along the way.

Monday is a holiday. I'll relax for about two hours, but then I'll have to start packing. I fly from Boston to Paris in the evening. I'll be there for the week, flying back on Friday. Too bad I couldn't manage to schedule the trip to conincide with Irish Lotus User Group. Then again, where would I have found the time? (No, I'm not complaining about having to spend a week working in Paris, though there will be very little time for going out on the town this time. My last trip in February, which I never really blogged about, spanned a weekend and the weather was amazing, so I have nothing to complain about..)

As for after that, I don't know all my committments. There will be more concerts and recitals, but exact details are not shared with me this far in advance, because it is assumed that my 50% definciency in X chromosomal material will cause me to forget anything more than a week ahead. Whatever the reason, that outcome is in fact likely. In fact, it's entirely possilbe that the exact details have been shared with me.

I do know that I have a college reunion coming up in three weeks. The registration packet is rigtht in front of me, otherwise I probably wouldn't know if it were in two, three, or four weeks. I enjoy reunions, but this one will not be all fun, as it will be the first since death of a former roommate; and while nothing too formal is planned, we will at the very least be lifting a glass (or two...) to his memory.

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