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07:17:23 PM

I had mentioned that I was going to be in Paris this week. The plan was that I would be flying home on Friday, but that has changed. I have been redirected to Düsseldorf for a customer visit next week. It's not unlike the situation in December in which I was redirected from Paris to Bratislava, but at least this one took place at the tail end of the planned meetings in Paris, and it's not in the holiday season.

So, I've extended my stay in Paris until Sunday, with a change of hotels unfortunately being necessary. Laundry will have to be done, as I only packed for five days. I'll have some time for site-seeing on Saturday, and due to the last minute change in plans that my family has to endure I guess some gift shopping will be done as well. Then I'll fly to Düsseldorf on Sunday. As of now, the plan is for me to stay until Thursday morning.

Although free-time will be relatively scarce while there, any hints for a few must-see / must-do things in Düsseldorf will be appreciated.

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1. Patrick M06/01/2007 09:15:26 AM

Spent three days there some 16 years ago. Yes, I'm that old.

One evening doing a tour of the nice open sky terrace restaurants in the inner city's pedestrian area. The other evening having dinner at some Jazz club/restaurant located on a boat at the Rhine shore. Don't remember any names though.

Definitely must-do stuff if the weather is fine.

2. Esther Strom06/01/2007 04:55:00 PM

I've never been to Germany, but if you have time Saturday, the French Open is entering its second week just outside Paris. I'd give my eyeteeth to be able to be there!

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