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I'm sure Düsseldorf is a very interesting city. I wish I had seen more of it in the four days I was there. Long days of work, unfortunately, intervened. There's an area by the harbor where all the buildings are all curves, odd angles, and interesting finishes. Very cool, IMHO. I didn't take any pictures, unfortunately, but I did find this one on flickr. There's a nice bar/restaurant in that area, too, which an American colleague and I found our way to for dinner one night. The menu is primarily seafood and Itialian. We enjoyed it enough that when we found out from our local colleagues the next day that it is a well-known favorite spot, we returned for a few beers with them that night. But the trip is over now. Steiff bears were easily available at the duty-free at the airport, so they came home with me for presents.

The flight home was via Paris. We were very late leaving Düsseldorf, arriving an hour and a half late, and CDG inefficiencies managed to cut another hour out of the four hour layover. The flight back to Boston was dominated by a couple of large student groups, but these students were a lot less noisy than the two groups that had been sitting around me on the flight from Boston to Paris. Plus, I wasn't trying to sleep on this one. Unfortunately, the flight dried out the upper respiratory tract pretty thoroughly, and a copious supply of New England pine pollen attacked me immediately upon landing. I've been home five days now, and I'm still feeling the effects.

Yesterday, I took the 16 year old out car shopping. Used car shopping. She's had the use of a large mini-van for the last few months, but she's really not that comfortable with driving that large a vehicle. On the other hand, I'm not that comfortable with her driving a compact, so we found a 1998 VW Passat, which we both think is "just right". It's not particularly powerful, but it's mechanically sound, with a nearly flawless exterior, and hit handles very smoothly. I'd prefer a bit more acceleration, but it's acceptable. She likes the color. She was 8 when this car was born. I was 6 when my first car, a '66 Buick Special, was born. I've let her know that she's getting something much better than what I had, though I did neglect to tell her that the mileage on my Buick was actually considerably less than the mileage on this Passat.

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