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08:56:31 PM

I've already said it here and here, but not here, and I'll say it again because it seems to be coming up again and again.

In companies where there are record retention and compliance requirements that apply to email, systems are in place, or are being put in place, to capture messages while they are being routed, before (or simultaneous with) delivery to users, and store them in a tamper-proof archival storage system. With this in place, there is no issue caused by users deleting their own messages, there is no issue caused by administrators deleting messages, and there will be no issue with message recall -- which, by the way, leaves an audit trail that is also archived, so unlike deletions by end-uesrsna dn administrators, it's actually traceable.

Companies that are subject to these requirements but do not have such tamper-proof messaging compliance systems in place are already at risk, with or without message recall. They're at risk due to user message deletions, administrator message deletion, or even due to disk failure. Rather than worrying about message recall, people who work for these companies should be fixing the problem by installing a proper compliance archiving system.

Finally, the real proof that message recall can't be a compliance problem is that Microsoft Exchange has substantial market share with companies that are subject to record retention and compliance requirements. Exchange has supported message recall for years. It's not a problem for the Exchange installed base. It won't be a problem for Notes and Domino 8.

But of course, the necessary disclaimer: I am not an attorney. I am not a representative of any regulatory body. I am not any company's compliance officer. Your own advisors may tell you that message recall is a compliance problem, and you should definitely take their advice, not mine... Even though I'm right.

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1. Stephan H. Wissel07/01/2007 11:27:00 AM

It will not be is not a compliance problem. It is a discovery problem. Typical case: I send out a nasty message about how to handle a customer/supplier/competitor situation. I come to my senses and recall it. Case closed in my mind. (Without the message recall I need to go through a few more hoops which might have made me more careful in the first place).
Unfortunately my email was recorded in the compliance system. The first thing a lawyer will do is to grab exactly that system (this is what it is build for isn't it?) and siff for relevant messages. The nastygram will show up and even if it is shown that it never reached anybody it will be twisted as evidence, that I'm of bad intentions. It will leave a stain even if other messages prove different.
What I'm saying: Message recall enables a less careful communication culture. This might be desirable for some, but it's not on my favorite list.

My 2c

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