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11:45:02 PM

I guess I probably shouldn't be surprised.

I am nerdier than 94% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Via Lance

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1. Amy Blumenfield07/26/2007 01:12:12 AM

19% nerd. It's cause I don't know the stuff that requires schoolin'. But, I can spin a frisbee on my finger...

2. Roberto Boccadoro07/26/2007 11:03:48 AM

You beat me. I stopped at 88%

3. Thomas Bahn07/26/2007 01:15:18 PM

As sad as it is, I got 97%:

4. Bruce Perry07/28/2007 12:49:33 AM

got an 89% the first time, then tinkered a bit and brought it up to a 95%.

Major discoveries?

Playing D&D on Fridays gives a higher rating than reading (reading is my actual preference)

The quiz was written by BASIC-haters. Assembly is NOT a language; it's a description of a broad category of languages.

Blocked Response!08/04/2007 02:33:46 AM

This response from IP Address was blocked by the owner of this blog.

6. cmoutlet12/03/2014 03:15:52 AM

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