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02:25:12 PM

Phil Rizzutto has died.

I grew up listening to him broadcasting the Yankee games. He was informative, whimsical, entertaining, colorful, and you could hardly ever tell which he was trying to be at any given time. I was barely seventeen at the time, and he was already immortalized in the hearts of Yankee fans, as a player on the dynasty teams spanning the Dimaggio and Mantle eras, when he was further immortalized in popular music and popular culture. I've often wondered, when he did a gig as the narrator of the ballgame bridge in Paradise By The Dashboard Light, did he have any idea what double-entendres were implied in that play-by-play sequence? It's all the more fun not knowing.

So long, Phil. You really made things happen out there. Holy Cow! You made it!

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1. Pete Lyons08/14/2007 04:22:16 PM

I don't know id you realize this but for many Bostonian who weren't Baseball fans Phil Rizzutto is better known as the pitch man for 'The Money Store'. I just quizzed my cube neighbors and none of them could place the name until I said "Phil Rizzutto here for the Money Store" and then they all remembered.

2. Richard Schwartz08/14/2007 05:40:45 PM

Yes, I know of his gig as pitchman for The Money Store, and for non-baseball fans wherever those commercials ran I'm sure that the association lives on. Bostonians who truly appreciate baseball history probably know that Ted Williams was one of Scooter's biggest fans, and was one of the veterans who lobbied hard to get him inducted into the Hall of Fame. Williams was quoted once saying something along the lines of "If we'd have had Rizzuto playing for us, we'd have been the ones to win all those World Series".

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