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04:44:23 PM

Which of these describes you? (Update: I've added a fifth choice.)

  • 1. We synchronize our Domino Directory with AD.

  • 2. We use a meta-directory product that synchronizes with both Domino and AD.

  • 3. We've thought about it, but our AD is managed by a separate group that wants nothing to do with Domino.

  • 4. We're a Domino shop. What is AD and why would we want to synchronize with it?

  • 5. OK, we've got AD. We're not synchronized by technology, but our policy is that Domino shortnames match AD names.

If either of the first two is your choice, can you tell me what technology you use, and specifically whether it is from IBM or a 3rd party?

Also, can you tell me the number of users in your Domino infrastructure?

And if you are a consultant, integrator, IBM/Lotus partner, etc., can you answer in terms of the number of your customers who fit each category, and their numbers of users?

All answers appreciated. Company names are not necessary. Thanks.

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1. Timothy Briley08/22/2007 05:26:32 PM

4 with prejudice

2. Greg Walrath08/22/2007 07:56:23 PM

Choice 2, sort of. We use ReplicAction to run a job to import data from our HR system in to Domino, which is pretty much the same information that is in AD. However, passwords are not synchronized.

We use Domino strictly as a web server (we're an Exchange shop), so we don't synchronize passwords. Our next step is to have Domino authenticate off of AD, connecting to AD 2003 as an LDAP service.

3. Doug Finner08/22/2007 08:07:10 PM

Hey, you were here...3 then, 3 now...


4. Scott Gentzen08/22/2007 08:36:56 PM

Doing neither at the moment. Long story that I won't go into in public. 3 is part of it but it's more complicated.

Working on something that'll probably get to 2 sort of. Preference is to only have one directory rather than synch multiple directories though. It's not all a done deal yet so no comment on the vendor.

We're integrating multiple systems (the Domino's a small part of what's intended to be an enterprise identity/access management system)...we're planning on covering 6k users.

5. Bruce Currier08/23/2007 08:55:52 AM

We don't do AD, we're a Novell shop. Currently don't sync directories, but our policy is Domino shortnames match Netware EDIR account. Looking into possibly implementing IBM Tivoli as our meta-directory.

6. Ken Lin08/23/2007 06:07:29 PM

Hi Richard,
We've been asking similar questions to several Notes/Domino customers and the answers are all over the spectrum.

In case anyone's missed this interesting bit - with 8.0 you will have limited entitlement to Tivoli Directory Integrator. See the excellent "Exercise 09 Bi-directional Sync between AD and Domino" materials at including WMV videos.

7. Richard Schwartz08/23/2007 08:48:18 PM

Thanks, Ken. I had forgotten about that entitlement. Very cool.

8. Michael Kinder08/24/2007 06:50:10 AM

Kind of #2.

I am in a situation where, our company was bought by a Microsoft shop, and at the same time another Microsoft shop was purchased by the company that bought us - a competitor of ours. We had to blend the 2 ADs of our purchaser as well as the former competitor (we use AD and Domino in our organization already) so we could easily communicate via email. I wrote a C# application that exported all of their email users from AD into separate Domino directories, which I then "cascaded". The tool adds new users and removes deleted users in these cascaded address books. All of this is done over LDAP. This way, they stayed out of my Domino Address book, but my Domino users could send them email. I made the tool configurable so that we could expand it should another company be added to ours.
Mike Kinder

9. Mike Kienle08/24/2007 11:36:23 AM

Kind of 2.5

We have a "higher" directory (or more a database with all users) and feed both: AD and Domino NAB.
We found out, that this is the most useful solution. Real synchronizing brings just a mess, two total separate worlds bring a mess too. No password sync is the biggest down on this one.
PS: Domino NAB is better because we have less DomainAdmins ....


10. Anthony08/24/2007 03:32:14 PM

#2 use novell edirectory to sync AD, Peoplesoft and Domino.

11. Steve McDonald08/26/2007 10:15:59 AM

i don't have stats for our customers, but we are #5 moving to #1

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