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11:04:17 PM

Known anti-IBM and anti-Lotus biased Forbes magazine reporter Dan Lyons, whom we recently learned was outed as the real writer behind the The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs has posted a piece called IBM To Announce $1 Billion Committment To Facebook:

They are going to assign fourteen thousand IBM programmers and a hundred thousand IBM business partners to the task of creating applications for Facebook, with a commitment to spend one billion dollars over the next two years on Facebook-related business ventures. First up: a version of Lotus Notes that runs on Facebook.

There is not a single vestige of a Steve Jobs parody in this piece. It's just a random pot-shot, from someone who has recently been dead wrong about IBM and Lotus, continuing a pattern that goes back more than 9 years.

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1. Chris Whisonant09/09/2007 02:53:44 PM

Wow!! People give this guy any creds...

That's pretty insane to say the least. Are there even that many BPs?

2. Fake Dan Lyons09/09/2007 10:10:17 PM

So I'm a hypocrite hiding behind my FSJ persona and using my Forbes backed soap box and my FSJ cache with my adoring fans to wage my petty personal and professional vendettas! Are you shocked or something? We are talking about me, after all!

3. Bob Congdon09/10/2007 02:42:48 AM

Lyon's Fake Steve Jobs takes potshots at Sun, Oracle, Microsoft, etc. not just IBM. It was obviously bogus (although I did look to see if Palmisano actually had a Facebook entry). And I was looking forward to IBM's new mashup: Blue-In-The-Facebook

4. dave shields11/02/2007 11:31:22 AM

Amen to that. Lyon is, my view, a very unreliable source, though he is often so far off the mark that his posts are a rich source of humor.

It's worth noting that Lyons started "Fake Steve Jobs" by hiding his real identity, which says, I think, all one needs to know about his character.


5. chenjinyan11/22/2016 02:48:49 AM
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