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10:19:56 PM

Here begins an occasional series of my curmudgeonly pet peeves. These are things that I hear or see too often, and which just bother the heck out of me.

I don't know how often these entries will appear. I hope that it will not be often, but I am not optimistic. The Schwartz is quite easily disturbed these days.

Today's pet peeve is this: whether you are talking about a hidden store of something, or talking about fast on-chip memory used by a microprocessor to keep current instructions close to the pipeline and data close to registers, in English "cache" is pronounced like "cash". It is not pronounced like "cash-ay". Don't believe me? Check Merriam-Webster. Check American Heritage. (I'd link to the OED, too, if it weren't a pay site. Plus, I'm hopeful that this particular mispronunciation is not as much of a problem over in England as it is here in the U.S. of A.)

If it were spelled "caché", as it is in French when used as adjective meaning "hidden", then it would be pronounced like "cash-ay", but in English it is neither spelled nor pronounced that way. There is no English word "caché", and you can't get away with claiming that you are pronouncing it "the French way" unless you are using it as an adjective. With the disclaimer that my French is not particularly good (despite several trips to Paris this year) and I am therefore relying on on-line French dictionaries for this... I am reasonably certain that when used as a noun in French, it is spelled "cache" -- without the accent aigu -- and pronounced like "cash".

There is an English word "cachet", which is pronounced "cash-ay". Actually, it's a French word, too, but we stole it fair and square. Unlike "caché", we have put "cachet" in our dictionary. It doesn't mean the same thing as "cache". In English, the word "cachet" means a mark of approval, or a quality that confers or implies great prestige. There is a similar French meaning.

I've heard newscasters make this mistake. I'm not just talking about the local yokel talking heads in the Boston and New Hampshire markets, mind you. I've heard foreign correspondents for major network news organizations talk about a "cash-ay of weapons" found in Iraq. Morons!

Even better.... There's a women's clothing store called "Caché". They obviously intend to convey "cachet", but they spell it "caché". Morons! They like it better with a diacritc mark, I presume, because they want to charge more than their competition -- just like Häagen-Dazs. This is a less fattening abuse of spelling, I suppose, but just as stupid. I'm undecided as to whether it is as stupid as the heavy metal umlaut, but that does not really disturb The Schwartz all that much -- probably because I pay so little attention to heavy metal. I don't pay that much attention to women's clothing stores either, but other abuses of "cache" surround me and make me aware.

There's a database product named "Caché", too. I don't know if it's extra expensive or not. They might need to rename themselves "Cäché" in order to be able to charge more than Oraclé. And IBM might have to counter by renaming DB2 to "DBTwö".

I think there should be a $100 fine imposed for every mispronunciation or misspelling of "cache" or "cachet". Payable to me. In cache.

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1. Kevin Pettitt09/11/2007 02:49:36 PM

Richard, I suppose if this Lotus Notes thing doesn't work out you could always take over for Andy Rooney when he retires from 60 Mĩńǘŧệś.

2. Mark Carroll05/01/2010 02:06:54 PM

I interviewed with the vendor of the

> database product named "Caché"

last week and they do pronounce it so as to respect the accent. I avoided asking if it was meant as an adjective or past participle. It's not like, for instance, I'd have much of a problem with somebody naming their cat, "Smelly".

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