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Nothing more to say.

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1. Timothy Briley10/08/2007 10:18:08 AM

I've got a great HD picture. The announcers know baseball. And unlike ESPN, TBS isn't breaking away to another game every five minutes.

What's not to like?

2. Richard Schwartz10/08/2007 06:41:08 PM

The announcers know baseball, but they sure don't communicate what they know. They don't even seem to know the players on the Yankees or Indians all that well. Tony Gwynn is one of the best hitters of modern times, no doubt. But what does he say about hitting (or pitching to good hitters) as an announcer? Nothing substantial. In fact, mostly he just seems to repeat things the other announcers have already said. And he sounds like a hick.

Perhaps it says something more about me than him that I notice and judge on that basis, but there are some football and basketball analysts who sound even more like they just fell off the back of a hay-wagon than Gwynn does, though, and I look past it with them because they know details I don't and communicate them. And Phil Rizzuto sounded like he was a crazy old men who fell off a hot dog wagon in Brooklyn, but even if it took him an inning-and-a-half to finally get to the point he always had something significant to add. If Gwynn were offering more insights, I'm sure I'd look past it with him.

Note: to be fair, this is based mostly on game 1 and early in game 2. I turned on game 1 a little late -- heard the first inning on the radio. Didn't see a replay of the Damon home run or hear any discussion of the the umpires having to confer on it. Now, maybe they did discuss it -- but if they did and I missed it, I take it as a sign that they just weren't making things interesting enough for me to be paying attention to their commentary.

Late in game 2 (when the bugs came out) and through game 3, I started hearing some actual insights from the TBS crew, including a few from Gwynn. I haven't completely changed my opinion, though. Repeatedly in game 3 they kept over-emphasizing the fact that the Indians were coming through with 2-out RBIs, as if they were coming through every time; when in fact that was the story in game 1, but in game 2 (thanks to Andy Pettite getting out of multiple jams), the Indians mostly didn't come through with the 2-out RBI despite repeated opportunities.

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