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05:33:43 PM

I registered in 1993, when I founded a company and named it for my initials, RHS . Even by that date, I think I was pretty lucky to get my initial, but little did I know that three letter domains might have substantial resale value. If I had known, I would have registered several more!

Having joined HP a year and a half ago, and put RHS Consulting "on hold" for the second time -- the first time being in 1999 and 2000 when I was CTO of a startup called eVelocity -- I'm now in the situation where the only use of is to host this blog and private email for myself, a partner who joined RHS in 1997, and a few family members.

Over the years, occasional offers to purchase have come in. For a long time, they were just a few hundred dollars and I never even considered selling. A few years ago, occasional offers of a few thousand started to come in, and still I wasn't interested. In the last six months, however, there's been an increase not just in the offered amount, but also in the frequency. It has gotten to the point where the offers are simply too high to not seriously consider selling. We're not talking about retire-and-be-set-for-life money -- not even close to that, but given the amount of the unsolicited offers, I'm sure I can get a price that is not chump change and way more than enough to justifiy changing my on-line identity.

So, I expect to announce a change of email address and blog URL sometime in the next few months, but first I have to choose a new domain.

I do have several other domains registered, a few of which are in use for one thing or another, but most of which are not. Bearing in mind that I want to pick one of these -- or a different one that is currently available -- for my primary personal identity (email, blog, etc.), which, if any, of these do you like best?

  • I already have a little bit of identity invested in this, and of all of these it's the only one that looks like a "for the rest of your life" choice, but IMHO it's a little long for an email address.

  • Registered when I was really excited about working with Lotus' Activity Explorer product, but I'm not involved with it at all these days.

  • Registered during Lotusphere 2006, for the purpose of hosting a group blog.

  • The first of several possible new domains that I have recently registered.

  • Another recently registered domain. (Don't know what "wonk" means? It became a popular term during the Clinton administration, in the context "policy wonk". See here for more.)

  • Ditto.

  • Ditto.

  • Ditto, and I was a bit surprised to find this available. is already taken. and are still available, but an awful lot of "*wonk*" domains do seem to already be taken.

  • Ditto, again. And this one, of course, plays on "WWW" leading into it. It actually could be a "for the rest of your life" choice, after all, I'll probably always be wonkish about something... but I really don't think I want my identity forever tied to the gimmick of "WWW...".

What are your thoughts and suggestions?

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1. Jess Stratton11/25/2007 07:09:03 PM

I love I think it's pretty much unanimous that it's YOU.
Don't worry about the email, there's certainly no rules that even say your email address domain has to match your domain (mine doesn't, at least and I've never heard of anyone having any trouble finding me!).

2. Rob McDonagh11/25/2007 08:03:50 PM

Another vote for here.

Do people ever even type in email addresses anymore? I remember when we had to have everyone's address memorized, and then it was handy to have something short and preferably obvious. But now? People are in my address book. Web sites are in my bookmarks. Blogs in the RSS reader. I don't type in and I wouldn't type in (well, ok, I'd type it once, to update my address book).

If it's the whole "handing out the business card" thing that you're thinking of, where people who don't know you have to type in your email address to contact you, have you considered a gmail account set for forwarding to your own server? Like Jess said, they don't have to match. Mine doesn't, either.

3. carl tyler11/25/2007 09:25:22 PM

How about it's available

4. Andrew Pollack11/25/2007 09:25:34 PM

PowerOfTheSchwartz will long outlive the relevancy of any of the others listed. Put me squarely in that camp.

5. Andrew Pollack11/25/2007 09:37:52 PM

With Second Signal, I wanted the outbound emails to carry a shorter domain name, so that they don't waste space on the sms. To get there, I registered in addition to the full

You may want to considered something like

For email forwarding.

6. Roberto Boccadoro11/26/2007 08:02:17 AM

Another vote for PowerOfTheSchwartz. That is you, all the others are too generic.


7. Doug Finner11/26/2007 12:25:25 PM

I have to go with POTW as well. Love the movie, love it in your tag line, just love totally. Every time I see it, I grin.

I'm guessing your schwartz is, ummmm, yellow?


8. Bruce Perry11/26/2007 01:18:11 PM

Power of the Schwartz (and if the youngsters don't get why that's funny, it's their loss)

9. Chris Linfoot11/26/2007 01:40:41 PM


1 for POTS.
1 against anything at all with "wonk" in it - are you kidding?

10. Richard Schwartz11/26/2007 10:24:27 PM

@9 Chris -- no I'm not kidding. Wonkette certainly seems to be doing rather well, so I don't see why something with "wonk" in it would be a problem. But there does seem to be a significant preference for PowerOfTheSchwartz in these responses, which pleasantly surprises me.

11. Sean Burgess11/26/2007 11:37:06 PM

POTS is a winner.

12. Simon Scullion11/27/2007 05:56:18 AM

Another vote for POTS.

13. Jack Dausman11/27/2007 05:16:26 PM

Hm, I don't see a size problem with :)

Besides, its sorta a geek-hip term in the genre of "going to 11." Face it, you were born to be cool.

14. Craig Wiseman12/04/2007 06:40:28 PM

I'd vote for PowerOftheSchwartz, but
are available...

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