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10:35:22 PM

This C|Net article about the lack of AC power at typical conference facilities got me thinking... First it got me thinking about another variation on Alice's Restaurant:

You can get anything you want, at Lotusphere's Restaurant,
You can get anything you want, at Lotusphere's.. Restaurant,
Just take your laptop from your backpack,
And type your session notes until the screen goes black!
You can get anything you want, at Lotusphere's Restaurant (except an outlet)
You can get anything you want, at Lotusphere's... Restaurant

Next, it got me thinking that it was unrealistic to expect power strips in most conference settings, because securing the cords to keep people from tripping over them is too much of a problem for the organizers. Not to mention securing the strips so people don't walk off with them! But that doesn't mean that there can't be power strips.

In my "big laptop case" -- the one that I take when I'm traveling for a week at a time, I normally carry a few extra accessories that I don't keep in the bag that I use on a normal work day: A mini hub. European power adpaters. Took kit. A collapsible back-scratcher . And a cheap, no-frills 6 outlet power strip. Given the lack of available outlets in convenient places in many hotel rooms, it comes in handy.

So... why not bring the power strip to Lotusphere? Why not carry it in my backpack, with the laptop and AC adapater brick when going to sessions? It doesn't add a lot of extra weight -- certainly not in comparison the laptop and brick, which I'll already be carrying.

And how about if lots of us do this? That way, when we take our seats next to one of the few available outlets in one of the session rooms, we can let others share the power. At worst, it's a goodwill gesture and conversation starter.

What do you think? Can we start a movement? Do you bring your laptop to conference sessions? Will you bring a power strip? Will you help spread this idea around?

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1. Chris Whisonant11/29/2007 10:16:39 AM

I keep a power strip in my travel bag too, so I'll have mine there too.

2. Andrew Pollack11/29/2007 07:03:02 PM

I keep two things handy for that purpose:

#1 - spare laptop battery.
#2 - Power Liberator cable. This is a little deal you plug in to a single outlet space, and it has a socket passthrough right on top, then a short heavy duty cord with another socket. Essentially, doubles the number of available sockets and clears block adapters out of the way.

best thing is, it's very small and easily fits in the bag's front pocket.

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