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10:47:51 PM

Paul's and Bill's posts brought my own recent bout with Microsoft's file formats to mind...

My sister recently put in a couple of weeks worth of work on a slide show for a family event. She did the work on her Mac, with PowerPoint. I'm not sure what version. I handled arrangements for A/V at the event, so the plan was that we would run the presentation on my laptop, which is a Windows machine with PowerPoint 2003. The file was too big for her to email, so it wasn't until we both arrived at the event that I got a chance to try it. The result, for the vast majority, but not all, of the pictures:

QuickTimeTM and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.

I have QuickTime. PowerPoint 2003 apparently does not have a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor. So much, again, for Microsoft standard file formats.

Thankfully, my sister brought a Mac laptop with her.

But, by the way... Can anyone explain why one would need a decompressor for uncompressed TIFF images?

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1. IO02/03/2008 02:02:10 AM

PowerPoint for Windows does have TIFF decompressors,
it is just that PPT for Mac, when TIFF image data are pasted into PPT,
places them inside a wrapper for some reason, triggering
the complaint. It is just lazy programming on the part of Microsoft.

Some detailed analysis of this problem is given at:

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